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As you may or may not know, I'm a bit of a technology nut.  Several years ago I bought a car that features a GPS navigation system.  I am now spoiled and will never get by without one.  It is very handy being able to enter an address and have the software calculate a route and take me to my destination.  Being the owner of several Pocket PCs and GPS units I tried to find software that would give me the same easy-to-use interface that my car offers.  I tried many software programs but never found one that I liked - until now.  I am extremely impressed with the TomTom Navigator software.  It is easy to use and features large buttons on the touchscreen that are easy to use while driving (keep in mind that you should focus on driving and play with the PDA while stationary).  Running on my iPAQ hx4705 Pocket PC it is a more powerful and impressive system than the one in my car.  If you already own a Pocket PC the low price of this software and GPS units makes it easy to setup a powerful street navigation system in your car.
Note: You will want to buy a large (1 to 2 GB) SD memory card on which to store the maps.

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Recommended Accessories

  • Transplant CF GPS, Fits into any Pocket PC that has a CF card slot on top, Or EMTAC BlueTooth GPS
  • Transplant GPA-18 External Antenna, This is highly recommended because it allows the antenna to be positioned near the front of the car windshield (not necessary for use in a glider)
  • RAM-B-SCMK, Suction cup mount kit or RAM-A-101 mounting arm, I use a RAM-A-101-L arm and double-sided tape to mount a RAM-HOL-PD2 cradle in my car.  Every car is different of course.
  • Cradle - See the Cradle Selection Guide
  • SD or CF Memory Card - I was able to install all the maps for the entire USA on a single 2 GB SD card (using a little more than 1/2 the memory).  You can use much smaller cards for smaller regions. 

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Navigator6 Navigator 6 Street Navigation Software for Pocket PC or Mobile Phone with Maps of US & Canada, DVD


  • Easy to install and use: The simple installation with TomTom HOME will get you on the road in minutes. The intuitive user menu gives you the perfect navigation experience.
  • Detailed maps of the US and Canada: Door-to-door navigation across the United States (incl. Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico).and all Canadian provinces and territories.
  • Clear and accurate spoken and visual instructions: Easy to follow route instructions and crystal clear 2D or 3D maps lead you from door-to-door whether you travel by car, by bike or on foot.
  • Easy call handling: Never miss a call or SMS message while navigating through on-screen instructions.
  • Navigate directly to contacts stored in your address book


  • Paul Remde - Soaring Pilot
    Every bit as easy to use an powerful as the navigation system in my Acura.  I like the 3D navigation view and the large buttons that make it easy to use while on the road.  The new version 6 finally offers the ability to enter latitude and longitude coordinates and navigate to that location, such as the location of an off-airport landing (version 5 did not offer that feature).


Easy to use:
  • Easy to install: The simple installation with TomTom HOME will get you on the road in minutes.
  • Intuitive user menu: The easy-to-use menu gives you the perfect navigation experience
  • Extensive guided tour: Pick up features quickly and get the most out of your TomTom NAVIGATOR from the start.
  • Portable: Easy to take with you whether you travel by car (using an optional in-car Holder), by bike or on foot
  • Tip feature: Discover everything your NAVIGATOR has to offer with useful on-screen tips.
  • Customizable status bar: Improve readability by customizing your status bar to show only the information you need.
  • Extensive preferences: From temperature (C/F) to air pressure (Pascal or Mbar), and more.

Best routes:

  • The latest and most complete maps: Detailed maps of the whole of the United States and all Canadian provinces and territories.
  • Points of Interest: Cafe, parking lot, movie theater or gas station. Millions of pre-installed POIís. Search by proximity to current location, on your route, near a specific city, etc.
  • Route choice: Plan your route to fit your requirements, such as: quickest, shortest, avoiding toll roads and congestion charge areas, by required arrival time, etc.
  • View routes: Preview and test your TomTomís proposed route before you start your trip.
  • Itinerary planning: Program in the schedule of places you want to visit before you leave the house.
  • Fast re-routing: Miss a turn or instruction and your TomTom instantly recalculates your route from your current location.
  • Easy location search and selection: Choose how you want to define your destination: street & house number, postcode (UK & NL only), contacts, GPS coordinates, city center or intersection.

Clear instructions:

  • Clear user interface: Crystal-clear 2D or 3D graphics, nightview and 65,000 colors. For optimal visibility.
  • Realistic visual instructions: Visuals on your NAVIGATOR replicate road signs, making them easier to follow
  • Pedestrian centric map: View your position using the special 2D map view which is fixed in one position and which can be zoomed in and out for better orientation when navigating on foot.
  • Huge choice: TomTom NAVIGATOR speaks some 22 languages in over 50 different voices.
  • Compass: Displays compass on screen, for even better orientation.

Call handling options

  • Easy call handling: On-screen instructions remain visible while making phonecalls or receiving SMS messages.
  • Dial a POI: Directly call a POI from the main menu.

Smart extras:

  • TomTom HOME: Use TomTom HOME software to manage the files on your device (maps, etc), get new updates on your pc or Mac in advance, and much more.
  • Pre-installed Safety Cameras database: The most up-to-date available list of safety cameras is pre-installed on your NAVIGATOR. (Europe only)


  • TomTom is committed to make driving more safely on the roads. Our navigation systems encourage you to get from A to B as safely as possible:
  • Clear & accurate spoken and visual instructions: Easy to follow, calm instructions given with plenty of notice mean that you can focus on your driving.
  • Speeding alert: Alerts you that youíre speeding, even if you're not in navigation mode.
  • Safety Lock: Disable a number of menu items before you start driving, ensuring that maximum attention is kept on the road.


  • Acer
    n310, n311, N35, N50
  • Asus
    Mypal A632N, Mypal A636N
  • Eten
  • Fujitsu Siemens
    Pocket LOOX 720, Pocket LOOX N520
  • HP
    iPAQ H4150, iPAQ H4350, iPAQ HW 6510, iPAQ HW 6515, iPAQ hw6910, iPAQ hw6915, iPAQ HX2190, iPAQ HX2490, iPAQ RX1950, iPAQ RZ1710
  • Imate
    JAM, Jamin, PDA2K, PDA-N
  • Mitac
    Mio 168, Mio A201, Mio A701, Mio P350, Mio P550
  • Palm
    Treo 650, Treo 700W
  • Qtek
    9000, G100, S100, S110
  • T-Mobile
    MDA Compact, MDA III, MDA Pro
  • Nokia
    E50, E61, N80

Included (see photos below)

  1. DVD
    Containing the application, a full user manual, detailed map data of the whole of the United States and all Canadian provinces and territories.
  2. Quick start guide
  3. Installation poster
    showing how to install TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 on your PDA/mobile phone.
  4. Product code card
    to activate your navigation software online at www.ttcode.com

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