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Pocket*StrePla-Connect is a FREE small program (part of pocket*StrePla) for the PDA for direct communication with loggers. It makes possible the download of flights from the logger to the PDA and the upload of declarations from the PDA into the logger.

The software is especially useful for loggers which are mounted in the glider instrument panel such as the LX 5000 FAI, LX 7000 FAI, Cambridge 302 etc. It is very difficult to use laptops at the airport because they are difficult to read in sunlight, take a long time to power-up, and PC mice do not work well on glider wings or runways. With pocket*StrePla-Connect and a PDA it is very easy to upload task declarations before the flight and download flight track files after the flight.

Volkslogger and Colibri owners will also find pocket*StrePla-Connect very useful. Now you can download the flight track to your PDA and leave the Volkslogger or Colibri in the glider. Take the flight home on your PDA or a memory card, load it from the PDA or memory card onto a Desktop PC and you submit the flight to the OLC using StrePla at your convenience . The logger remains, where it belongs - in the glider!

Since a cable between the PDA and the logger is necessary, pocket*StrePla-Connect is recommended for pilots who already have a PDA installed in their glider but are not using pocket*StrePla.

Pocket*StrePla customers do not need pocket*StrePla-Connect because pocket*StrePla includes all the functions of pocket*StrePla-Connect.

Generation and Upload of Task Declarations
Provides a simple method for sending a flight declaration for the flight you wish to accomplish from the PDA to the logger. Simply enter the pilot and glider data and select a route from the list. Load everything into the logger with just one click of the "Transfer" button.

At the moment we support the following turnpoint catalog formats:

  • pocket*StrePla
  • WinPilot
  • Cambridge
  • SeeYou
  • PocketNav
  • Glide Navigator II


Download the flight log and save it on the PDA
All the flights available in the logger are listed. Select the desired flight log and start the transfer by pressing the "Download" button . In the menu "File > Option > Directory" you can specify the path to where you would like the files to be stored.

IGC file Generation
Some loggers (Volkslogger, Cambridge 302) produce the IGC file in the equipment. That means the IGC file is produced immediately before it is downloaded. Other devices (LX Navigation products for example) create a .FIL file in the equipment which is converted into an IGC file later on the Desktop PC. StrePla3 converts the .FIL files into .IGC files when importing the flight log so you don't need to worry about the file type. Similarly, Cambridge GPS-NAV .CAI files are downloaded by pocket*StrePla-Connect and converted to IGC files upon import into StrePla3.

pocket*StrePla-Connect is compatible with the following loggers:

  • Cambridge (Universal)
  • Colibri
  • LX 20, LX 5000, LX 7000
  • Posigraph
  • Themi (in preparation)
  • Volkslogger

PDA Hardware and Software Requirements
Operating system:

  • Windows CE 3.0 (Compaq Aero 1500 series)
  • Pocket PC 2002
  • Windows Mobile 2003



  • ARM
  • MIPS
  • SH3

Serial interface


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Paul E. Remde

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Savage, Minnesota 55378

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