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pocket*StrePla is a fantastic companion to StrePla flight planning and review software.  All the maps displayed in StrePla can be easily downloaded to the Pocket PC for use in pocket*StrePla.  Below is a summary of the key features of pocket*StrePla.  For more details I recommend downloading the Manual.

Click on the images below to view larger versions.
Pocket PC Turnpoints & SUAs Only Vector maps with cities,
lakes, rivers, roads
and topographical data
Sectional Aeronautical
Satellite Image Maps

Awesome Maps
Like StrePla, pocket*StrePla can display a wide variety of map types - see the list below.  Every pilot will prefer a different level of detail - StrePla and pocket*StrePla make it easy to use any level you want.    You can download either Vector Maps, Sectional Aeronautical Charts, or Satellite Image Maps.  You cannot download all 3 at the same time - you must choose between them.  However, in flight you can easily toggle the selected maps on and off at the press of a button.  That way you can view the detailed maps when you want more detail and view only turnpoints and SUA data when you want to focus on the task you are flying.

  • Waypoints and Special Use Airspace data only - great for easy viewing in the cockpit due to high contrast.
  • Vector maps - Topographical data and rivers, lakes, cities, etc.  A nice compromise between no maps, and the extreme detail of Sectional Aeronautical Charts. 
  • Sectional Aeronautical Charts - Exactly the same as the printed charts you are used to flying with.  Very nice!  The ability to display US Sectional Aeronautical Charts is a unique feature that no other soaring flight software offers.  I find them a bit overwhelming for use all the time, but it is nice to be able to turn them on when you want them.
  • Satellite Image Maps (not available for all areas).  Very cool for viewing flight logs in 3D in StrePla after the flight, but I'm not sure how useful they would be in flight.  As with Vector Maps and Sectional Aeronautical Charts, satellite maps may be turned off at the press of a button.

In-flight Optimization
This unique feature is very nice if you like to fly "free" (non-declared) tasks for records or the aerokurier Online Contest.  As you fly a triangular flight the software automatically calculates achieved distance and displays a region in which the 2nd turnpoint must be made to assure a valid triangle with no leg less than 28% of the total distance.  For the Online Contest it displays the achieved free distance and updates it as you fly.  This is a very cool and unique feature.

Once you create your list of possible tasks in StrePla it is very easy to transfer all waypoints, routes and maps from StrePla on the PC to pocket*StrePla on the Pocket PC.  This is a very handy feature.  I have created a long list of possible tasks for my home airport in StrePla.  They are all downloaded into pocket*StrePla so I am ready to fly any of the tasks at any time.

Reachable Airports Highlighted
Final glide to nearby airports is displayed on the map.  The display makes it easy to quickly determine whether you can make it to nearby airports or landing fields.  If the final glide number is highlighted in red, you are below glideslope.  If it is highlighted in yellow you can make it, but you will be below your desired arrival altitude.  If it is highlighted in green you will arrive at or above your desired arrival altitude.  pocket*StrePla uses wind and polar data to determine the optimum glide speed and MacCready setting to get you to the airport with the maximum altitude.  These values are displayed on the screen.  That is ideal when you are low and need to know if you can make it there.

Data Display Thumbnails
pocket*StrePla offers allows you to configure which of the small data "Thumbnails" to display on the map.  You can configure 3 different collections of thumbnails and quickly toggle between them by touching the top left of the map screen.  That makes it easy to access a wide variety of information without covering the entire screen with thumbnails.  I really like this feature!

Graphical Route Editing on the Pocket PC
You can edit routes on the map right on your Pocket PC before you take-off.  Valid FAI turnpoint areas are displayed.  That is great because you don't need to bring your laptop to the airport.  I use this feature to create tasks oriented to the current wind conditions and thermal strength.  I also use it to find the shortest possible task to achieve the goal for the day.  For example, I enjoy flying for state speed records.  I can create a 100, 200, 300, or 500 km triangle task with a very short 2nd leg that is oriented into the wind.  That way I can use cloud streets to make progress upwind in the strongest part of the day.  pocket*StrePla displays chevrons that indicate the valid area for turnpoints so that the 28% rule is met.  It also displays arcs for the total task distance.  I just drag the 2 turnpoints so that they are inside the chevrons and outside the arc for the desired task length (100 km for example).  I use pocket*StrePla to create the task on the Pocket PC and also use pocket*StrePla to send a task declaration to my Cambridge 302A.  I then fly the task as fast as possible.

New Features in Version 2.00L
Many small, helpful changes that have made flying with pocket*StrePla even more pleasant!

  • Competition model added. This contains:
    • departure procedure (line, cylinder, etc.),
    • Assigned Area Task (AAT) support
    • estimated time of arrival (ETA)
    • Vertical and horizontal airspace warning in the traffic-light logic already known from pocket*StrePla. Green - far away enough-. Yellow - careful, it's getting tight. Red - too late, the competition day is over.
    • Constant distance display
  • The program can be started from the memory card. This is very important, since all PDA's "forget" everything if they have not been charged for 2 weeks. Three clicks, and pocket*StrePla will be installed anew from the memory card.
  • Direct communication (at present: Cambridge, LX20, LX5000, Posigraph, Colibri, Volkslogger) is now also available for pocket*StrePla. Declarations can be loaded from the PDA to the flight recorder and finished flights can be read from the flight recorder. No need to take the laptop to the aircraft. The PDA is enough.

Flight Replay
pocket*StrePla can play back any IGC flight log file.  That is extremely handy for helping you learn the software while on the ground, and for replaying your flight after you land.

Recovery from Reset
This is a unique feature.  If the Pocket PC is reset during the flight, pocket*StrePla can recover all the flight data from a file and continue where it left off.  That means that all flight statistics are available as well as optimizations, flight track and barogram trace.

Automatic Re-Install
If you let the battery run down on your Pocket PC you would normally have to re-install your soaring software using a PC.  No so with pocket*StrePla.  If you store the executable file on a CF or SD memory card and run it from the memory card, pocket*StrePla  will recognize that it is not being run from the Pocket PC memory and will re-install the software automatically.

StrePla is used to generate the turnpoint, airport, SUA and map files used by pocket*StrePla and is therefore required if you want pocket*StrePla to display detailed maps.  The airport and SUA data files are simple text files that could be created or downloaded from the internet without StrePla.  If you are interested in pocket*StrePla for the in-flight optimization and don't need the detailed maps, you can create or download airport and SUA data files without the need for StrePla.  I imagine that most pilots will see the value of StrePla and purchase it in the long run.  There is a discount of $40 for purchasing both StrePla and pocket*StrePla at the same time so it is recommended that you buy them together from the start.  The discount does not apply if they are not purchased at the same time.

Try StrePla for 30 Days - Free
Download the StrePla program installation and maps from the Downloads page and try it for up to 30 days.  It is fully functional during that time.  Once you are convinced that you are ready to purchase StrePla you can order a license file from the
Price List page.  The license file is the key to running the program after 30 days.

pocket*StrePla - Free Demo
pocket*StrePla is also available for free download and testing on your Pocket PC.  It is fully functional, except that it doesn't allow you to access data from a GPS until you purchase a license file.  It does allow you to test the software by replaying existing IGC flight log files.  Customers who want to try both pocket*StrePla and StrePla (highly recommended) need only download the full version of StrePla because the download file includes the installation files for pocket*StrePla.  pocket*StrePla can be installed on your Pocket PC from within StrePla by accessing the "Extras" menu and selecting "pocketStrePla / Transfer Program to PDA". 

If you don't want to download the entire StrePla demo you can download pocket*StrePla only.  If you do that I recommend that you download the demo files below and copy them to the "pS_Data" directory on your Pocket PC.  They are airport, airspace, and map data files and a Demo IGC flight log file of a 200 km state record flight.  Copy them onto the Pocket PC after you install pocket*StrePla.  If you do it before installing pocket*StrePla, the files will be overwritten with other files.

Demo Files
airport.txt, airspace.txt, Demo.IGC, pStrePla0.map, pStrePla1.map, pStrePla2.map, pStrePla3.map, turnpoint.txt

Free Upgrades
Purchasing pocket*StrePla entitles you to 1 year of free upgrades.  The upgrades are available as downloads from the web site.

Licenses for pocket*StrePla are tied to the internal CPU-ID.  The CPU-ID is displayed by pocket*StrePla at start-up.  The CPI-ID is not the same as the serial number printed on the back of the Pocket PC.  If multiple Pocket PCs are used in a single glider, each Pocket PC must have its own purchased license.

Pocket PC Tips
Pocket PCs are amazing devices. They offer a lot of processor power and a user-friendly touchscreen user interface in a small package. A large market keeps the prices relatively low. However, there are some things you need to know when you start using a Pocket PC. Reading and following the directions in this document will save you many hours of frustration at the airport and will help assure that your Pocket PC is ready for the big flight when you are. Every time you buy a new Pocket PC you should go through this document with the Pocket PC in hand.
Pocket PC Tips.pdf


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