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Downloads for StrePla & pocket*StrePla

Try StrePla for 30 Days - Free

Download the StrePla program installation below and try it for up to 30 days.  It is fully functional during that time.  Once you are convinced that you are ready to purchase StrePla you can order a license file from the
Price List page.  The license file is the key to running the program after 30 days.  The installation download includes a demo version of pocket*StrePla.

pocket*StrePla Demo
pocket*StrePla is also available for free download and testing on your Pocket PC.  It is fully functional, except that it doesn't allow you to access data from a GPS until you purchase a license file.  It does allow you to test the software by replaying existing flight log files.  Customers who want to try both pocket*StrePla and StrePla (highly recommended) need only download the full version of StrePla because the download file includes the installation files for pocket*StrePla.  pocket*StrePla can be installed on your Pocket PC from within StrePla by accessing the "Extras" menu and selecting "pocketStrePla / Transfer Program to PDA".

Important - Please read the download instructions before downloading StrePla.

Map Management Window in StrePla

StrePla has a very handy Map Management window which makes it easy to download the DCW Vector Maps, DEM Elevation data, raster (bitmap) maps and satellite photo maps from within StrePlaI recommend that you download only the StrePla installation program and airport data from this site and use the Map Management window to download the DCW vector maps and DEM elevation data.  The Airspace data is included with the program installation file.  The Map Management window allows you to select multiple files and download and install them on your computer from within StrePla.  It makes downloading maps much easier than downloading from the web site because it automatically installs the files in the proper location on your computer.  The Map Management window is accessed from the Extras menu in StrePla.

To be able to use all the features of StrePla you will need the following files:

StrePla Downloads Overview
File Type How to Get the Data
StrePla program installation Download here
pocket*StrePla installation Included with the StrePla download and installed on your Pocket PC from within StrePla.  Download here for demo purposes.
pocket*StrePla-Connect Download here.  Printed manuals are available as an extra cost option.  They can be ordered from the Price List page.
Manuals Download here.  Printed manuals are available as an extra cost option.  They can be ordered from the Price List page.
Airport data Download here
Airspace data US Airspace data is automatically included in the installation.  But you can also download it here
DCW Vector Maps Download using the Map Management window found in the Extras menu in StrePla
DEM Elevation Data Download using the Map Management window found in the Extras menu in StrePla
Landsat Satellite Image Maps Optional, very large files, May be downloaded with the StrePla Map Management window or ordered on a CD. 
Raster (bitmap) Maps US Sectional Aeronautical Maps may be downloaded using the Map Management window found in the Extras menu in StrePla.  They are large files and may be ordered on a CD from the Price List page. 
Sailplane Models The StrePla installation automatically installs 3D glider models for 2 glider types.  You can download additional models here.

Airport Data
There are several free airport data files for download.  Airport and waypoint data files are available from John Leibacher's awesome Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange.  This is the best resource for waypoint files for soaring sites and contest sites.  Download the files formatted for StrePla.

New USA Airport Data File
There is a new US airport data file available on the Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange.  It includes all the public and private airports in the USA.  The data comes from files provided by the F.A.A. and the data is very accurate and current.  You can access the data file here:
To open the file follow the steps below.

  • Right-click on the left most icon for the StrePla data and select "Save Target As..." from the pop-up menu.
  • Save the file on your PC.  I save all my waypoint files in the My Documents/Waypoints directory.
  • Open the waypoint file in StrePla using the File/Open/Waypoints menu.
  • The file is large so you may want to select a region of airports in your area and save them into new file.

Airspace Data
StrePla can import Special Use Airspace (SUA) data that is saved in either the Open-Air or Tim Newport-Piece formats.  The SUA data file must be saved in the following directory: "Program Files\StrePla2\map\air".   To open the SUA data in StrePla go to the Extras menu and select Map Management. 

  • For US customers, the StrePla program installation automatically installs US Airspace data.  If you want to download it yourself, I recommend downloading the SUA file for the entire USA which is available here: USA_Conus.exe.  That file is nice because it automatically extracts the file into the proper directory for StrePla.
  • SUA data files for many regions of the world are available on John Leibacher's Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange.  The SUA data files for local soaring sites and contest sites are located in the same area as the waypoint files for each soaring site.

Sailplane Models
Thanks to the support of SFS - PC (www.sfspc.de) we have a additional glider types for the 3D flight animation.

The standard StrePla installation now contains an ASW 28 and the original LS-1.  All other types must be installed using this separate download.  The download is about 1.8 MB but it expands to about 13 MB upon installation.  The type list is quite extensive and reaches from a Ka 8 to an ASH 25 to a hang glider (see screen captures below).

To select a different glider model in StrePla, go to Extras.Options.3D.  The type can either be selected either manually or it can be selected automatically using the type from the IGC file by selecting the option "Select type automatic".  If the type cannot be determined, the value selected under "Type" is used.

With the types ASH 25e and DG808m the engine is shown when the engine is running.


  • As in previous versions of StrePla, when the LS-1 model is displayed the tail is colored.  That is especially nice when viewing multiple flights at the same time because each glider has a different tail color.  That still works with the LS-1 model, but the SFS models can not support that feature, so with all the other models the entire glider is colored.
  • Some models have smaller errors with the projection of the textures in the model (in particular the ASH 25E).  That is unfortunately in the original model and can not be repaired by us.

You can download the additional 3D models here: 3D Glider Models

Below are screen captures of the available sailplanes.

Sailplane Models
Click on the images below to view larger versions.


DG-1000 20m DG-800 18m DG-808 DG-808M  


LS-1 LS-4 LS-8 18m LS-8a  


Discus Nimbus 4 Ventus2 17m    


ASH-25 ASH-25e ASK-13 ASK-21 ASW-22
ASW-27 ASW-27 US ASW-28 Ka-7 Ka-8
Ka-8 Hai Ka-8 US      


Schweizer 2-33 Schweizer 2-33 (#2) Schweizer 2-33 (#3) Schweizer 2-33 (#3) Schweizer 2-33 US


Minimoa EVO ? SB-10 LAK-19  
Lerche Lo100 Spider Paraglider Talon Hanglider  

US Sectional Aeronautical Charts
Raster maps (bitmaps) are available free of charge of all US Sectional Aeronautical Charts.  These look fantastic when projected onto mountainous terrain in the 3D flight review.  They are very busy when viewed in pocket*StrePla on a Pocket PC, but my approach has been that it is easy to hide the detailed maps at the press of a button.  It is very nice to have them available again at the touch of a button when you want the full details.

Note that some of these files are very large. A high-speed internet connection is recommended.

It is not necessary to download the US Sectional Aeronautical Charts from this web site. If your PC has an internet connection, the easier solution is to: Start StrePla, go to the Extras menu and select "Map Manager". Choose "Internet" as a source for the data (rather than a CD).  The entire download and installation will then happen automatically.  You can select multiple maps for download at once by Ctrl-clicking on multiple files and then selecting the "Start Installation" button.

Naturally you can still download the US Sectional Aeronautical Charts from here and then install them by double-clicking on the downloaded file. You will find instructions for the download here.

Click on a chart in the image above to begin the download process.  Or click on the chart filename below.

All US sectional aeronautical charts are available for you free of charge.

Although the digital source data for the US sectional aeronautical charts is updated every 28 days,
it is not possible for us to update these charts every 28 days. We will update the maps twice the year.

These charts are dated May 4th, 2004



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