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StrePla and pocket*StrePla
Software for Cross-Country Soaring Flight Planning, Execution, and Analysis

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New in Version 5.1 - Google Earth View Within StrePla
Version 5.1 features a very cool new view.  A Google Earth view is opened within StrePla.  It is very interesting flying through your flights over the extremely detailed maps available in Google Earth.  You can't view the glider from outside the cockpit, but it is extremely cool to be able to see the runway, airport buildings and other details. It really "takes you back" and makes re-living the flight a 3D reality.

New Features in version 3.3 of StrePla

  • 3D Sailplane Models
    It is very cool to replay your flight in 3D while StrePla displays a 3D model of the glider you flew.  There are 36 models from which to select.  You can see screen captures of them here: Sailplane Models.  Last summer I flew a few Minnesota State Soaring Records in an ASK-21 owned by the Minnesota Soaring Club.  It is fun to watch a 3D model of an ASK-21 fly around the task in StrePla.  The photo below is of a Minimoa.  I suppose you could impress your friends by making a long flight in high performance sailplane and then replaying the flight with StrePla displaying the model of a Ka 8 or Schweizer 2-33. Some motor-gliders (DG-808M and ASH-25E) even extend their motors during engine operation. The StrePla installation automatically installs glider models for 2 glider types.  You can download additional models here: Sailplane Models

  • US Sectional Aeronautical Charts for the entire contiguous 48 states. 
  • Direct communication with Cambridge 302
    The dialogues and the procedures regarding the direct communication have been completely revised. There is no need for a manual connection any more. Just open the dialogue "Direct Communication" and switch on the flight recorder.
  • The OLC-form has been extended in regard to the Barron-Hilton-Cup registration.
  • More than one country can now be selected when importing at the import-filter for the Meier-turnpoint database, so it is easier to import.
  • When transmitting the program to the PDA, you can select the memory card.

Key Features

  • Supports a wide variety of digital map types
    • Vector maps - Topographical data and rivers, lakes, cities, etc.  Very nice detail.  Great for route planning and use in pocket*StrePla
    • Raster maps (bitmaps) - US Sectional Aeronautical Charts - Exactly the same as the printed charts you are used to flying with.  Very nice, but perhaps a bit cluttered.  This is a unique feature that no other soaring flight software offers.  Especially good for viewing flight logs in 3D in StrePla after the flight.  They look fantastic when draped over mountains in the 3D view.
    • Satellite Image Maps (not available for all areas).  Very cool for viewing flight logs in 3D in StrePla after the flight.  They are especially nice when draped over mountains in the 3D view.

Map Types

Map Types
  Vector Raster (bitmap)
Raster (bitmap)
Satellite Image

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