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Revell is known for their very high quality plastic model kits.  They make the largest and most detailed model glider and towplane kits available. 

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Plastic Injection Molded Kit
If you have ever built a plastic kit, it was probably an injection-molded one. The parts are formed in polystyrene plastic that are attached to frames known as sprues. After removing the parts from the sprues, you put the kit together as a three-dimensional puzzle, helped by detailed instructions. Plastic parts are glued together with plastic cements such as the tried-and-true tube glue, liquid cements, superglues, or epoxies.  The Revell and Profiline model kits on this page are Plastic Injection Molded Kits.  Note that these kits offer the highest quality, lowest price, and they are the easiest to build. 

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Revell-LS-8t Rolladen-Schneider LS-8t (with engine)
Manufacturer: Revell Germany

Scale: 1:32
Plastic Model Kit
Wing Span of Full Size Glider: 15 m (49.22 feet) or 18 m (59.06 feet)
Wing Span (18 m configuration): 563 mm (22.2 inches)
Length: 208 mm (8.2 inches)
Skill Level: 3 (out of 5) = "more demanding models with up to 100 parts"
Number of Parts: 49

With a total production of over 500 units, the LS-8 is the single-seat glider that has been built in greatest numbers over the past 15 years and is still the front runner in international contests. The uniqueness of the concept and the superior flying capabilities of the LS-8 have gained for it numerous medals in national and international championships in the standard and also the 18m class. With a view to increasing mobility, the LS-8 was equipped with an auxiliary motor that could be switched on. In the meantime over 2/3 of glider production has been power-assisted in this way as the concept offers enormous advantages. The very detailed model kit has a detailed reproduction of this motor with propeller. Naturally the wing tips are optional on both the 15 m and the 18 m versions.


  • Highly detailed fuselage and wings
  • Detailed SOLO engine
  • Rotating Propellor
  • A choice of winglets for the 15m version or extensions for the 18m version
  • Detailed main undercarriage
  • Rotating wheels
  • Moving cockpit canopy
  • Cockpit with controls
  • Monocoque seat with imitation harness
  • Detailed control panel
  • Levers and microphone unit
  • Super decal set including registrations for 4 German versions as well as Austrian, Swiss and French versions

This model is extremely well done.  It is very accurate and detailed.  The decals are incredible and offer 12 different marking schemes for actual aircraft.

From the box cover: "The LS-8t is a glider equipped with "get-you-home" help in the form of a retractable engine.  When required it can be deployed in flight in order to increase the glider's range.  With a production run of 500 units the LS8 is currently the most produced single seat glider of the last 15 years and today still guarantees high placings in competition flying.  Many results in national and international Standard Class Competitions as well as the 18 m Class confirm the uniqueness of this concept and the superior in-flight performance of the LS8.  The glider's harmonic flight characteristics and the excellent co-ordination of the controls reaps praise from all pilots."

The excellent book Sailplanes 1965 - 2000 by Martin Simons includes an excellent write-up and photo of this glider.  A quote from the book, "In appearance the LS-8, a new Standard Class aircraft, was almost an LS-6, with the characteristic LS curved winglets.  The wing profiles are virtually the same as those of the LS-6 but with no flaps." ... "The LS-8-18/LS8-B was developed with wing tip extensions raising the span to 18 meters if the pilot chose." ... "More than 450 of the LS-8 had been sold before the takeover of Rolladen Schneider by DG Flugzeugbau in 2003."

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