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ReliefWear - Peetot Pants
by Kevin Brooker

Sorry - The Peetot Pants are no longer available

This is an interesting product.  At first they seem a bit expensive but after you fly with them you will not not want to fly without them.  They are lightweight, comfortable pants with a zipper between the legs to allow for easy access for peeing.  They also offer large pockets which are angled to keep items from falling out while seated in the cockpit and to make it easy to access the contents.  They make a big difference in the way you think about drinking and peeing while flying in a sailplane.  If it is easier to pee you will drink more and will hopefully avoid dehydration - which is a major safety advantage.  The pockets make cockpit management a lot simpler and you will have less stuff to fall behind you (usually out of reach) or end up floating about the cockpit.  The pockets are large enough to store your cell phone, charts, eyewear, food, and relief supplies, thus keeping the cockpit organized and free of extraneous clutter. Knowing where things are helps make flying safer!  Their lower thigh position keeps them clear of safety harness and parachute equipment.

Peetot Pants Photos
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Lightweight and Comfortable The zipper between the legs offers excellent access,
yet is hardly noticeable when standing.
Zipped Pockets are angled to keep items in place
and for easy access in a cramped sailplane. 
The Velcro closures help keep items secure.
Cockpit photo Relief tube connected - ready to fly. The creator in his soaring pants. As the creator puts it, "They might get you the babe".


  • Easy connection of a relief system allows you to drink enough to keep hydrated.
  • The large pockets help keep items secure in the cockpit.

They are made of Taslin Nylon which does not shrink, is stain resistant, dries fast, and breathes well.  They are light in color so that you stay cool.

The Name
The name is a play on the words "pee" and "pitot".

Features of Peetot Pants

  • Easily adjustable to various waist sizes
  • Tailored for sitting in the cockpit of a glider, yet fashionable enough for casual outings anywhere
  • Comfortable relaxed fit inside and outside the cockpit
  • The fabric is stain resistant and dries fast (accidents do happen...)
  • The light color keeps you cool

Features of the Zipper

  • Grants easy access for relief-accessories
  • Works independently from your seating position
  • No interference with the fifth strap (crotch strap) safety harness
  • Keep things covered to avoid sunburns and roasting your... you know what
  • The length of the zipper keeps the ends away from straps, thus providing comfort
  • The zipper is hardly noticeable while standing, making Peetot Pants wearable everywhere - so you look good after your flight.
Waist Length
(inches) (inches)
S/M 28 - 32 30 - 32
S/M 28 - 32 32 - 34
M/L 32 - 36 30 - 32
M/L 32 - 36 32 - 34
L/XL 36 - 42 30 - 32
L/XL 36 - 42 32 - 34

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PeetotPants Peetot Pants
Select size when ordering.
Shipping is direct from the manufacturer and costs $7 for US customers.
$89.95 Not Available

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