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These posters look great on your wall at home, at work, or at the local gliderport.  They also make great gifts.

Posters are difficult to ship.  I take every precaution I can think of to insure that they arrive in perfect condition.  I ship them using heavy-duty cardboard shipping tubes and store them here in large diameter cardboard tubes.  However, it is impossible to completely protect the edges of the poster from damage in shipment.  You can expect the edges of the posters to have some very minor creases and even vary small tears.  That is normal and unavoidable.  It is due to the fact that the posters slide inside the tube while in transit.  It really is not a problem if you plan to have the posters mounted and/or framed.  A little trimming will make them as good as new.

Soaring Photo Calendars - Also a great "posters"
Another great source of large, colorful soaring photos are current and out-of-date wall calendars.  Some offer very large, high quality photos - and you get 12 or 13 of them at a low price when you buy an out-of-date calendar!  Below are a few examples.  You can see details here: Calendars

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Poster-Milestones Poster - "Milestones of US Sailplane Design"
By Martin Simons

This fantastic poster includes top view drawings of 32 sailplanes from the United States - each selected for their unique contribution to the evolution of sailplane design in the U.S.  It is a virtual journey through time.  The journey begins near the top of the poster with the 1933 Bowlus Albatross and ends at the bottom with the 1994 Genesis.

It is a poster that will be appreciated by enthusiasts of both full-size and scale model sailplanes.  It is intriguing to look at how sailplane designs have changed over the years. Yet every single one of the designs is lovely in its own way. 

The poster was created by Martin Simons using artwork from his 3 wonderfully interesting "Sailplanes" books - as found in the links below.  Each of the sailplanes on the poster is described in detail in one of the books.

Width: 23.5 inches (59.7 cm)
Height: 33.1 inches (84.1 cm)

Note: The photos on this site give the impression that the poster is a bit brown in color and not evenly colored.  The brown tint is a result of the lighting when the poster was photographed.  It is just slightly off-white in color.

1933 Bowlus Albatross
1936 RS-1 Zanonia
1937 Schweizer SGU 1-6
1937 Schweizer SGU 1-7
1938 Baby Albatross D
1938 Laister Yankee Doodle
1938 Schweizer SGS 2-8
1940 Super Albatross
1941 LK-10A
1941 Pratt Read G 1
1942 Schweizer SGS 2-12
1947 Schweizer SGS 1-21
1949 Schweizer SGS 1-23
1950 RJ-5
1954 Schweizer 1-26
1956 Brigleb BG-12
1956 Hall Cherokee II
1958 Niemi Sisu
1962 Schreder HP-11
1966 Schreder HP-14
1967 Schweizer SGS 2-32
1967 Schweizer SGS 2-33
1968 Marske Pioneer
1969 Schweizer SGS 1-34
1970 Schreder HP-18
1973 Schweizer SGS 1-35
1977 Applebay Zuni
1979 Woodstock
1980 Schweizer SGS 1-26E
1980 Schweizer SGS 1-36 Sprite
1989 Sunseeker
1994 Genesis

Note: The large version of this image has a watermark to protect the intellectual property.
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