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GoJak Model 4100 Hangar Dolly
Getting a sailplane up onto a hangar dolly with a ramp takes 2 people. This clever dolly can be used easily by one person - no ramp is required. The unit is placed around the aircraft wheel and then a ratchet action is used to move the two sides together - lifting the aircraft wheel smoothly off the floor.

The model 4100 is the perfect tool for self loading smaller wheel assemblies primarily found on light aircraft. The extreme angle of the handle allows for maximum clearance from body parts and fender covers. Hand operation enables you to easily use directly under wings where pedal operation would be more difficult. The Model 4100 can handle wheel weights up to 1025 pounds (465 Kg), tires ranging from 7 1/2 to 22 inches (19 to 56 cm) in diameter and widths up to 7 inches (17.78 cm). The built in linear ratchet provides smooth and controlled lifting and lowering of tires. The unit uses four, 3 inch (76 mm) diameter double ball raceway casters.

Weight: 35.5 pounds (15.9 Kg)
Weight: in shipping box: 41 pounds (18.6 Kg)

This item will ship directly to you from the distributor. I will send you the final invoice with th exact shipping cost and tracking number when I receive the invoice from the distributor. It is somewhat heavy and large, so UPS ground shipping to addresses in the USA will cost about $35 to $50.

Hangar Dollies dimensions:

  • Rollers measure 3.5” off floor, maximum width for gear doors at 3.5” high is 11”.
  • Support bracket for castering wheels measures 4 -5/8” off floor, maximum width for gear doors at 4-5/8” high is 14”.
  • Top of bolt for casters is 5-1/4’ off floor, maximum width for gear doors at 5-1/2” high is 16”

Example a glider that works fine:

  • Ventus 2: Gear doors are 5-1/2” off floor at lowest point and 8-1/2” wide between doors.

Marginal aircraft:

  • ASW-20: Gear doors are 4-1/2” off floor at lowest point (front of doors) and 14” wide between doors.
  • Grob 109: Main gear only without wheel pants

The video below shows Christian Klix of Pacific AeroSport demonstrating the use of the GoJak with a DG-1000.

Photos of the GoJak in use with a DG-1000
The photos are in sequencial order. Click on the images to view larger versions.
DG-1000 not included... : )

Note: The image above shows the handle going to the right. The ones I sell all have the handle going to the left. When used on the left side of the glider, the handle is toward the front of the glider, away from the wing.

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