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Glide Navigator II
Future Features “Wish List”

Paul E. Remde

Important Note
This list contains new features proposed by customers.  They are tracked to help us prioritize the features we decide to put into future releases.  Your feedback is very important to us.  If many customers express strong interest in a new feature, we will take that into serious consideration.  However, we make no promises that these proposed new features will be implemented.  Some will be implemented.  Others will never be implemented.  The list below includes "Priority" numbers.  They are somewhat arbitrary, but based on customer feedback and other factors.  An item with a priority of "1" is a 1st priority item. An item with a priority of "10" has a low priority when compared to the other items on the list.

Your Help Requested
To add new items to the list, or to "vote" for or against any of the items below, please send me an e-mail.

Future Feature Wish List

IGC Filename for flight logs created by GN
Priority: 1 

Paul Remde - Many customers are using GN with a CF Card GPS and logging their flights on a storage card or in the Pocket PC.  Since GN always uses the same filename "FakeIGCFile.igc" it is over-written every time you fly.  The user must change the filename to avoid losing his valuable flight log.  We need to support the IGC filename standard.  It includes the date and the flight number in the filename.  The filename format is described below:

Example filename "39HGNII1.igc"

  • Last digit in the year, "3" for 2003 (or 1993, or 1983, etc.)

  • Month in hex, 1 for January, 5 for May, A for October, C for December, etc.

  • Day of the month in base 36, 1 for the 1st, A for the 10th, B for the 11th, etc.V for the 31st.

  • Manufacturer ID, "GNII" for Glide Navigator II.

  • Flight number, 1 for the first or only flight of the day, 2 for the second file generated on that day, etc.

  • File extension of ".igc"

The example filename would represent the 3rd year of the decade, September 17th, flight log generated by GNII, 1st flight log generated on that day.

Move TAT (Turnpoint Area Task) Turnpoint to Current Position
Priority: 1 

David Leonard - Need to be able to snap mobile waypoint to current position.

Paul Remde - Agreed.  I would propose that we add a "Current Posn" button to the "Move Points" screen, or add a "TP Here" button to the main map screen.  It would only be visible when the glider is actually inside the valid turnpoint area.  Pressing the button would move the turnpoint to the current position, and select the next task turnpoint for navigation.  The calculated task time would then be updated as well.  Alternatively, it may make sense to use the task waypoint selection list to select the next waypoint and move the movepoint to the current location. 

Dirk Elber - For the TAT, add a NEXT or TURN NOW button to the main screen, that would come one once you are within the cylinder (same as the Start or Finish buttons). When you press this button it would automatically shift the turnpoint to the current location within the cylinder and change to the next tp on the list. The mobile turnpoint screen (in the version of GN1.1 that I have seen) is very nice but may be hard to operate in the air especially at the point when you really have the greatest chance of other gliders being in the vicinity.

Assigned Area additional option
Priority: 1

Peter Purdie - Also, for Chip: Assigned Area Task areas (in UK and at least some other European rules) allow areas to be two radials form a waypoint but with minimum and maximum distances, giving an approximately rectangular area.  Units are km in this case.

Paul Remde - At this time the setup of Assigned Areas depends on whether the units are in miles or km.  For miles is uses only circles.  For km it lets the user input 2 waypoint angles in addition to a single radius.  Peter wants to allow a minimum radius as well.  I think this should be a selectable option for any units.

Ask for Altimeter Setting at startup
Priority: 1

Paul Remde - When using a GPS-NAV only (no L-NAV) the pressure altitude must be offset before take-off so that the altitude is set to field elevation.  If this is not done, the final glide data will be way off due to pressure altitude changes.  An alternative would be to use GPS altitude which may be more accurate.  This burned me during a flight this summer.  I arrived home high because I forgot to adjust the altitude before take-off.  It can be set in Menu 4 by selecting the "Set Altimeter" button.  I think this screen should pop-up at startup.  It is only needed when there is no L-NAV because the L-NAV forces the pilot to adjust the altimeter at startup.  Perhaps we should add another GPS Type.  "GPS-NAV Only" and change the existing one to "GPS-NAV & L-NAV".  I suppose the altimeter set screen should also come up when using a Volkslogger or Colibri or any other logger that sends pressure altitude.

This feature would also be nice when using a generic GPS.

Negative Altitude Bug
Priority: 1

Rolf Engelhardt - For the case that the pressure altitude is negative for high pressure atmosphere and flat starting point (the logger is calibrated for standard atmosphere) the GNII Program shows values like 1293929292m for the altitude. During the start, the GNII program shows the right value if I exceed the pressure altitude zero and climb in the positive range. There for I could not adjust the altimeter in the way you describe prior the start.

You can test it very easily for your self. Connect the logger with the GNII program and put the logger into a plastic bag. Then blow inside the bag up to a point, when the pressure display of the Volkslogger runs into the neg. range. Take a look on the screen of the GNII program and you will see what happens.

Last Waypoint Missing on Goto Screen
Priority: 1

Paul Remde - The last waypoint is not displayed when you go to the "Go To Waypoint" screen.  This needs to be fixed.  In the meantime, you can access the last waypoint by touching a waypoint above it and using the rocker switch on the side of a Compaq Aero 1500 or the rocker joystick on the front of iPAQs and Dell Axims to move down to the last waypoint and select it.

Number of Task Waypoints
Priority: 2

Kevin Wayt - How about being able to add 11 TPs to a task (as per U.S. rules) instead of the currant 8 on GNII?

Disable Pan function or modify it
Priority: 2

Paul Remde - Several users have complained that they don't ever use the pan feature and it often is activated when they don't want it to me.  I think it should be an option that can be disabled.

Ira Blieden - Remove the pan & replace with pop up pan arrows.

Allow GN to "Declare" the task to the IGC file created by GN
Priority: 2

Lucas Berca - Flight Analysis can view any IGC file, but it can only analyze tasks if it knows what the task is.  GN should save a declaration in the flight log it generates.  Also save information on whether it is an TAT task if possible.

Paul Remde - Great idea.  The task would be saved in the IGC file when it happens.

TAT (Turnpoint Area Task)/ AAT (Assigned Area Task) Point Definition
Priority: 2

David Leonard - TAT task - set up needs 3 defaults for mobile turnpoint position: nominal dist, min dist and max dist. Shouldn't have to find those by trial and error sliding the waypoint around.

Paul Remde - I think David wants GN to display the maximum and minimum distances that could be flown by flying to the extents of the turnpoint areas.  GN could also use the MC setting to calculate the estimated time on course for the normal (fly to the waypoints), longest and shortest tasks.

TAT (Turnpoint Area Task)/AAT (Assigned Area Task) Calculated Speed Options
Priority: 2

David Leonard - Speed to complete TAT should default to something based on current position, distance to go, altitude, wind, polar, and Mc setting (not just speed up to this point) with ability to tweak it up or down. Easy what-iffing is nice for flexible tasks for mere mortals who need to take off their shoes to do long division...

Paul Remde - I agree that I would prefer to edit the MacCready value and have GN calculate the time time to finish using MC along with the wind estimate, polar, ballast, etc.  It would be nice to display the "Achieved Speed" on the screen as a reference.  We could also diplay the "Average Cross-Country Speed" calculated using the MC value. 

I would also like it to display the differential task time remaining.  The user would enter the Minimum Task Time and GN would then display the task time remaining as the amount of time before (-) or after (+) the Minimum Task Time.  This would make it easy to decide whether to move go further into the TAT (AAT) area.  If it says "-12" you would arrive 12 minutes early and +23 if you will (theoretically) arrive 23 minutes after the minimum time has expired.  MacCready should be adjustable on the View Task screen so that the user could play with it.  When there is no minimum task time the pilot would enter zero for the minimum task time and GN would display the ETA (estimated time of arrival).

Pilot name, Glider Type and Glider ID in the flight log file generated by GN
Priority: 2

Paul Remde - This will make it much easier for contest scorers to use flight logs generated by GN for scoring purposes.  It will also improve flight analysis using software on a PC.

Multiple Polar Support
Priority: 2

Paul Remde - The L-NAV supports 2 polars.  They are often used for gliders with multiple winglet options.  Pilot who fly a variety of club ships will also like this feature.  I propose that we use a simple comma delimited text file store the polar data for multiple polars.  It would contain the polar name, Best L/D, Best L/D Speed in kph, V2 (speed in kph at 2 m/s sink), Wing Area, Dry Weight (with pilot but no water), and Liters of ballast.  I would also like GN to display all these values in English units so pilots can confirm that the number entered are correct.  The pilot could select from list of polar names.  This should allow quick selection of polars.  GN would allow the user to enter new polars and save them in the polar file.

Ira Blieden - Wants support for multiple polars.

Support for the Filser LX1600
Priority: 2

Paul Remde - This is a neat vario that needs a user interface.  GN could provide that.  I believe it passed GPS data though from another GPS source.

Volkslogger Support
Priority: 2

Paul Remde - There are a lot of Garrecht Volkslogger's out there.  They are very popular because of their low cost.  WinPilot can declare tasks in the VL.  Glide Navigator should be able to as well.  It would also be nice to be able to download flight logs from the VL and upload waypoint files to it.  Glide Navigator can already accept pressure altitude data from the VL and we can use the VL serial number for generating a GN password.

Re-Arranging Task Turnpoints
Priority: 2

Paul Remde - On the Edit Task screen, it would be very nice to be able to move turnpoints up and down on the task list using "^" and "v" (or “Up” and “Down”) buttons.  This would be especially necessary if we implement Tom Serkowski's idea about adding turnpoints to the task by touching them on the flying screen and then pressing the "To Task” button.  But even if we don't implement Tom's suggestion, it would be very handy.  I've wished for it many times when entering tasks.  If you enter them out of order, you have to delete points and re-enter them.  The problem is that there is no room for the  "^" and "v" buttons on the current Edit Task screen.  One suggestion would be to change the screen layout by removing the list of available turnpoints from the screen.  There would just be the Insert, Replc, Del, and  "^" and "v", OK (currently “Done”) and Cancel buttons on the right side of the screen.  When the user presses the Insert or Replace buttons, a window would pop-up with the list of turnpoints.  That window should have two big buttons on the bottom labeled Dist and Name to allow the user to select how to sort the turnpoints (distance from current posn, or by name). There should also be an OK button and a scroll bar in that window.  The Cancel button would allow you to exit the screen without implementing any changes entered.

Fix Bug in Communication Port Search
Priority: 3

Paul Remde - When GN starts it searches for a connection to a GPS.  It starts with communication port 1 and then tries other comm. ports if it can't find GPS data.  Pocket PCs bring different devices in through different comm. ports.  Some CF Card GPSs are on comm. ports 5 or 6.  One BlueTooth GPS brings the data in on comm. port 8.  There is a minor bug in the text displayed between the comm. port check.  It says "No NMEA Data, Starting Simulator".  It should say something like, "No GPS on Comm. 1, Looking for GPS on Comm. 2", etc.  If it can't find GPS data on any comm. port, it should say "No GPS found, Starting Simulator".

Also, the data search can take a while when the data is on comm. port 8.  It would be nice if GN would remember where it found the data and try that port first next time.  I could save the comm. port number to check first in the configuration file.

Also, it is easy to accidentally press the "Yes" button at startup which tells GN to search for a GPS when you really want to run in simulator mode.  You then have to wait several minutes for it to figure out that there is no GPS data.  It would be nice if there was a "Cancel" button displayed while it searches for a GPS.  Pressing the Cancel button would bypass the GPS search and go directly to simulator mode.

Support for Garmin GPS's with Pressure Transducers
Priority: 3

Paul Remde - Several new Garmin GPS's have internal pressure transducers which report altitude.  It is my understanding that they transmit the pressure measured altitude out in the NMEA data stream.  User's of these GPS's would like to use that (more accurate) altitude as the input to the final glide calculations.

Add a Waypoint to the Current Task from the Map Using a "To Task" Button
Priority: 3

Tom Serkowski - A useful feature would also be a “TO TASK” button along with the existing “GO TO” button after a waypoint has been highlighted.  Doesn't matter if the WP has a T attribute, just add it to the current task just before (or after) the current destination WP.  This would be nice for making a dicey flight through a mountain pass or around a mountain.  If weather is nice, I'll be flying over this obstacle. But now I'm low, so would like the computer to add the extra distance and possibly safety altitudes required to pass over the waypoint.  Again, these should not be of type T because they wouldn't be used in the regular task editing screen.  They'd be added to the task from the map screen.

David Leonard - Add selected waypoint to task would be very nice for MAT / PST tasks and touring.

Paul Remde - I agree that this would be an extremely valuable new feature. Adding it at the end of the list would be fine as long as we implement the feature described above to allow easily moving waypoints up and down in the task list.  GN already displays a Goto button when you touch a waypoint, and I think there's room for the addition of a “To Task” button. WinPilot has this feature.

Bob O'Neal - Add to task by putting finger on new turnpoint.

Fix the "G Record" bug
Priority: 3

Doug Jacobs - The On Line Contest (OCL) run by Aerokurier magazine in Germany is neat and has become quite popular as I'm sure you're well aware. However, I've had massive problems trying to upload flight claims. The reason appear to be the following - Glide Navigator II when it supervises a download of the .cai log file to the PDA being used also stores a second .igc file, but this file lacks something mysterious called a G record, preventing the log from being accepted by the OLC software. Chip sent me an email saying he was aware of this and that he and Cambridge have it as a priority to fix. However, it wasn't clear whether a priority meant next year or next week. My strong preference would be the latter, and as more Cambridge/Glide Navigator users enter the OLC, there'll be more need for this.

Editing of Waypoints
Priority: 4

Paul Remde - Many customers have expressed the desire to edit waypoint attributes and create new waypoings from within GN.  Until we implement this it can be accomplished using Pocket Word or a free utility called PocketNotepad. 

To use Pocket Word you must change the file extension for the waypoint file from ".dat" to ".txt".  SUA files must also be saved as ".txt" files if you want to edit them with Pocket Word.  GN can find and use the ".txt" files just as well as it finds ".dat" and ".sua" files. 

Alternatively, you can download a free utility called PocketNotepad from Tillanosoft.  It is available at www.handango.com The direct link to it is: here  It is very much like the Windows Notepad utility.  It can open the ".txt", ".dat" and ".sua" files.

Speed Task Start/Finish Height Assistant
Priority: 5 

Tom Serkowski - ... And my most favorite feature that I'd pay almost anything for is the closed course speed assistant.  I declare a O&R from WPA to WPB and return to WPA.   I make the start at WPA, and currently need to have my head down on the map to watch when I cross the 90 degree sector.  At this point I press the 'START TASK' button and simultaneously note my altitude and make a pull-up.  I forgot to mention that this point is being approached at redline so I can get the most energy out of the start.  A few minutes later, I write on my notepad the start altitude and subtract 1000m from that to determine my finish altitude.  Since the only way to change the altitude of a WP, I exit GN-II and edit the DAT file.  Or I use a nice round number like 10000' as the elevation of WPA.  In any case I have to do some ugly mental gymnastics in order to allow for my final glide to be a no-brainer. It would be so nice if a few minutes after start, I could bring up a start analysis screen so I could tell it to find the most recent valid start in the previous X minutes - with a default of,  say 10.  No more needing to press the START button at just the right time!  Once the start is determined, I'm presented with the option of adjusting the finish point's altitude to (start_alt - 1000m) or its original elevation (surface), whichever is higher.  On final glides I typically use 700' as a safety margin, then about 1-2 miles out will go to eyeballs if I got there at or above  this margin.  I'd use the same thing for the virtual finish, but probably not dive for the bottom at the last minute just in case air pressure's changed, etc to affect that 1000m buffer.

Paul Remde - I've taken Tom's suggestion and tried to explain it more clearly, and suggest another solution which may make it a bit easier to use.  For record speed tasks the finish point must be less than 1000 m below the start point.  It would be nice to have Glide Navigator do final glides to that point.  After the start the pilot could go to a new screen which automatically displays the altitude of the last time the glider crossed the start line, the calculated minimum finish altitude (1000 m below the start) and two buttons (which act like radio buttons) to select from.  Above the buttons would be the text, “Final Glide To” and to the left of the buttons would be be “Airport Elev” and “1000 m Below Start”.  The arrival margin would still be added to both of those.  If the “1000 m below start” altitude is below the airport elevation, then the airport elevation would be used and the “1000 m below start” button would be grayed out.  At start-up the software would always default to doing final glides to the airport elevation.  The pilot would have to manually enable the final glide to the -1000m height after starting the task.    

Flight Timer
Priority: 5

John Seaborn - Can we add a simple flight timer to the GNII wish list? As I see it, without a task entered there is no way (that I know of) to know how long you have been flying using GNII. This is more for fun flying and log book records than contest flying but it would be nice to see a total flight time number much like the L-NAV has. Same with the outside air temp number since most gliders with tail tanks must have an OAT installed.

Display of Wind at Different Altitudes
Priority: 5

Ernst Schneider (not a GN user - yet) - Beside the standard final glide stuff it is the excellent Wind functions of WinPilot which I really start depending on. Especially in the mountains it is a great help knowing what the wind is doing at a certain altitude.

Automatic Start / Finish Time
Priority: 6 

Dave Leonard - Automatic start / finish time recording based on defined gates. Why not?  Time at turnpoints is already done.

Task Restart Issues
Priority: 6

David Leonard - Task stats page. Don't reset the start time when navigating back to start point. Very annoying.

Paul Remde - I think what he does is select the task start point as his goal sometime after starting and Glide Navigator resets his start time.  We need to be able to re-start the task somehow, and would like it to be something simple such as selecting the start point from the list on the map.  But sometimes you don't want to re-start.  I think the best solution would be to pop-up a dialog box, asking whether the pilot wants to re-start the task.

Task Turnpoint Completed Issues
Priority: 6

Tom Serkowski - My key gripe was with 'show task'. For some reason, it decided to complete the task while I was on the way to the 3rd TP, so I lost the ETA functionality. It may be that while on the 3rd leg, as I passed abeam of my start point, I decided to check how far away from home I was by selecting goto finish point and that forced the computer into thinking I'd rounded the 3rd TP. So there's a couple issues here:  When flying an AAT, the pilot should tell the software that a TP has been reached - not the other way 'round. I have to sit down and really play with things here to see a way of doing this within the current implementation of the GUI. But I hope you can see the issues here. What if I'm flying into the area conservatively, so declare a point right on the edge, then I hit a boomer right at this point, so decide to press on, but the software has already decided I'd reached the previously declared point?

Paul Remde - We need a very simple way to tell the software that we're done going to a particular turnpoint.  The easiest way is to have to software assume you're done going to turnpoint 3 when you select turnpoint 4.  In a Turnpoint Area Task flight if you are within the turnpoint area and you select the next waypoint, it should move the "movable" point to your current location and move on.  I can't think of a good way to handle it if you change your mind and decide to go further into the turnpoint area.  I suppose that if you re-select the turnpoint within the turnpoint area it could revert back as if you hadn't yet rounded that turnpoint.  Again, we need clear and simple way to tell GN that we're done going to the current waypoint and moving on.  

“Menu” Button or “Menu” Text on Map Screen
Priority: 7

Paul Remde - Some pilots don’t fly that often and they need to remember to hit the “distance” button to get to the menu.  That is not intuitive.  Add a button or text only on the map screen labeled “Menu”.  Advanced users may disable it to keep the map screen clean.

Support for EW barograph combined with a Garmin GPS
Priority: 7

Wayne Paul - Wayne would like to have both the EW and Garmin connected to the iPAQ.  Communication to the iPAQ from the Garmin, and communication to the EW from the iPAQ.  He wants to be able to declare tasks in the EW using Glide Navigator.  He says that GPS_LOG software can do this.  He said he's configured 5 gliders with Garmin/EW Model D/Pocket-NAV 4.4.      

Support for Filser Colibri and LX20
Priority: 7

Paul Remde - There are a lot of Colibri's and LX20’s used in Europe.  They are popular because of their low cost.  It would be nice to be able to declare a task in the Colibri.  This is a product that WinPilot does not support.  It would be nice to outperform WinPilot.

Finish Cylinder Setup
Priority: 7

Dirk Elber - Since Sport Class rules call for cylinder finishes, it would be nice to have a screen in the More Config section for Finishes.. whether a line or a cylinder. The cylinder would be defined with a radius and a minimum finish altitude.

Paul Remde - This is a great idea.  Simply displaying the finish cylinder on the map would be a good start.  It would also be nice if the final glide information was to the minimum finish altitude, at the finish radius. 

The short term solution is to create a small SUA file with the finish cylinder in it.  For a 1 statute mile finish cylinder you'd use a radius of 0.8688 nm.  The minimum altitude is in feet MSL.

TITLE=Finish Cylinder
CIRCLE RADIUS=0.86 CENTRE=N421446 W0893455

US Start Cylinder Timer
Priority: 8

Dave Leonard - Auto count down timer started when descending through start altitude near start cylinder. Computers are there to take care of the drudgery.

Thermal History Page
Priority: 8

John Murphy - Flight Analysis flight review software has a nice bar graph of thermal strength vs. altitude.  It would be nice to see this in Glide Navigator II.

Show Task Speed Labels
Priority: 8

Paul Remde - Better labels on the speeds on the Show Task screen.  What is “Average Speed??  What is “Estimate Speed”?  When I click on Estimate Speed it pops up a box labeled “Completion Speed”.  What is that?

Task Leg Speed Calculation
Priority: 8

David Leonard - Calculate leg speed regardless of what waypoint is currently being navigated to. I like to fly long task legs and often navigate to alternate landing sites, not just the turnpoint. Extra work to pick the right point to get speed calculated correctly. The marking on the map of reachable landpoints helps, but when you're high enough to glide 50 miles it gets less useful since the map gets so cluttered.

Display Final Glide Altitude Required at 0 MacCready
Priority: 8

Bob O'Neal - Show feet above Mc 0 final glide at current Mc setting. When glide to finish is selected. I have to reset to 0 now and subtract in my head. Helps reduce pucker factor for me.....

Paul Remde - I really like the idea of being able to easily view altitude required at both the current MacCready setting, and a setting of O.  However, we keep the main flying screen simple so I don't think we should change it.  Displaying too many numbers on the main screen adds clutter and makes it hard to find what you're looking for with a quick glance.  How about a different approach.  Chip recently added a feature to display altitude required along with the waypoint information after you touch a waypoint.  What if we add to the current data.  Instead of displaying "2361ft, 13mi" as it is now, let's display "MCx.x:260,MC0:570" where "x.x" is the current MacCready setting.

Add a "Thermal Statistics" Screen
Priority: 8

Bob O'Neal - Average Climb since beginning of thermal. Feature in the 303 and WinPilot. Helps to know when to go!

Paul Remde - I have a CAI 302, and I would love this feature.  I would like to propose a new "Thermal Statistics" screen, accessible from the main menu.  It would include a display of the 30 sec. average, average for this thermal, average for the entire day, etc.  I don't suppose this would work with GPS's that don't send vario data or pressure altitude data.  But it would be great for users of CAI 302, Borgelt B50, Ilec SN-10, etc.

Calculate Total Energy Final Glide with any GPS Using GPS Ground Speed
Priority: 8

Carl Ekdahl - When using GN-II without an L-Nav, 302, etc Cambridge hardware (as many will) the final glide is uncompensated for speed/TE --because there is no ASI input, no true wind calculation, etc. This can be partially remedied using an approximation. Calculate an approximate airspeed based on GPS ground-speed and whatever wind speed/direction is displayed by the program on the PDA, whether that is derived from circling or manual entry. Correct for altitude and use this approximate TAS to TE compensate the final glide altitude required. Even though this is an approximation, it is sure to close the gap between the altitude required displayed by GN II and, for example, my B-100.

Paul Remde
- Interesting idea.

IGC Flight Log Viewer - Flight Analysis by Henryk Birecki can be used for this purpose.
Priority: 9 

Paul Remde - This could be added within Glide Navigator, or as a new program.   This should probably be a separate application since it will generally be used after the flight is done, and we want to keep the in-flight software as simple as possible.  Since Navigator already handles the display of waypoints and SUA's, I would think it would be relatively easy to display a complete IGC flight log on the screen. The existing panning and zooming controls would work great.  Ability to view a barograph trace would also be nice.  An analysis of the flight speeds and times and thermal data would also be nice.

Bob O'Neal - I like the IGC viewer idea, but free one's are already available. Flight Analysis for example.

Support for Open-Air airspace format
Priority: 9 

Harry Groenewegen - Isn't it a good idea to support the open-air airspace standard instead of the time Newport. This seems to be the defacto standard nowadays.  Or a conversion tool as an intermediate step.

Geographical Map Display
Priority: 9 

Ron Waclawik (e-mail #1) - With all the new processor horsepower available in the iPAQ handhelds, I'd like to see some geographical terrain features made available similar to the Garmin PLUS II's, etc. It doesn't have to be as crazy as WinPilot, but bodies of water, towns, and major roads would be nice, perhaps in different, contrasting colors, and "toggleable." PLEEEEEASE?

Ron Waclawik (e-mail #2) - As I suggested, A toggle-able geographical "overlay" to the default screen would be very nice. Suggested settings: "NEWBIE" / "SKYGOD." I'm an inexperienced XC pilot, and I'm very excited about the ability to see multiple reachable waypoints simultaneously without repeated GO-TO calculations. I understand the software is targeted to the Comp. pilot who has no need for geographical clutter on the screen, but I ask you to remember that there are also the "rest of us" who are just developing in the sport.

Paul Remde - Since I fly in Minnesota, home of 10,000+ lakes (literally), I would also love to be able to use lakes, rivers and roads as reference points.  I don't think it would help me fly contest, badge or record flights an faster, but it would be a nice way to confirm that what I see on the screen agrees with what I see out the canopy.  Topographical maps don't do much for me here because the terrain is pretty flat.  I suppose that the topographical information would be more important to pilots who fly in mountains.  One feature that seems interesting in WinPilot (but I've never flown with the feature working because WinPilot has yet to come out with topographical maps for my area) is the display of current altitude AGL using topographical data.  That sounds pretty handy.

Simulator Mode Heading Changes
Priority: 10

Paul Remde - In simulator mode, I would prefer a faster and more accurate way to change direction.  Turning is slow and it’s difficult to zero-in on the desired heading.  This is especially annoying when approaching a turnpoint and zoomed in.  It’s difficult to hit the photo sector.  WinPilot's solution is pretty good.  You just click on the glider and drag in the desired direction.  The longer the drag the faster the speed. 

Thermalling Screen
Priority: 10 

Jon Roe - I think he wants what is in WinPilot.  A good start would be a graph of the vario readings.  A trend graph would be very cool.  Indicators on the left side of the graph for averages (30 sec, this thermal, today) would also be very cool.  The functionality found in WinPilot to point to the side of the circle with the best lift would be nice too.  This feature would only function with flight instruments that provide pressure altitude information.  It may also work with WAAS enabled GPS's.

Paul Remde - An argument against this feature is that it may lead to more flying with your eyes in the cockpit - which is less safe than looking outside and listening to an audio vario. 

Chip Garner - Chip feels strongly that thermalling screens are a safety hazard. A feature which promotes staring at the instrument panel while in a gaggle is a bad idea.           

Altitude Adjustment in Simulator Mode
Priority: 10

Paul Remde - In simulator mode I’d like to be able to adjust my altitude.

Contest Scoring Utility
Priority: Silly

Bob O'Neal - Be nice to have WinScore PDA so we can IR our flights to each other and know who really won a TAT task .....

Paul Remde - I'm afraid that you're going to talk to Guy Byars (author of WinScore) about that one.

Completed Items

Don't Turn off the Backlight on iPAQ's When On External Power - Completed

Buddy Duncan - Every time I run Glide Navigator, I find that it has checked the External Power setting for "Turn off backlight if device is not used for X min" on my iPAQ (with the Pocket PC 2002 operating system).  I need the backlight on while flying.

Paul Remde - I tested this and verified that GN does seem to enable that checkbox whenever I run it.  I thought that Active Sync was the culprit, or perhaps it was reset during a soft reset, but it doesn't do it - GN does.  We need the iPAQ backlight to be on during flight and don't want it to turn off automatically.

Chip Garner - Chip doesn't want to change the way it functions now because some pilots may like that it turns off the backlight.  He said he'd be willing to add an option which would disable this feature.

Differential Altitude from Any GPS - Completed

Paul Remde - Improve compatibility with non CAI GPS's (Garmin, Magellan, CF Card models, NavMan iPAQ sleeve models, Volksloggers).   Display differential altitude for final glide using the altitude sent from the GPS.

Mike Pitoniak - I am running 4.5d right now and love it. if chip would add differential alt while being driven by garmin gps i will buy the new version. i dont think you need waas to get good gps altitudes.

IGC File Logging - Completed

John Roe - Logging position and altitude (and perhaps other data) into an IGC file.

Paul Remde - This would be very handy for customers with CF Card GPS's and also Garmins - since Garmins don't log altitude.  We’d also want to put waypoint data into the file header.  The combination of an iPAQ with a CF card is a very attractive one for club pilots who want to be able to bring Glide Navigator with them into several different gliders. 

Improved Menu Navigation - Completed
Priority: 5

Paul Remde - I want to be able to move back and forth between the main menus.  Now I can only go forward.  I suggest changing the Configure and More Configure buttons to 3 large buttons labeled Prev, OK, and Next (in that order) and adding a label on the top of each menu labeled "Menu 1", "Menu 2", etc. The previous and next buttons would progress you through the menus.  I would suggest allowing the next button to wrap you around from menu 3 back to menu 1 and the Prev to wrap you from 1 back to 3.  However, it would be OK if there is no wrapping as long as the Next button is grayed out when on the highest numbered menu the the Prev button is grayed out when on the first menu.  I think these buttons should be on the bottom of all the menus.  The reason for moving the OK button down with the Prev and Next buttons is that I think it is clearer to the user if all navigation buttons are in the same location.  It would also open up room vertically for another button, or the menu labels (Menu 1, Menu 2, etc.).

Menu Navigation - Back to Map or Back to Menu? - Completed
Priority: 5

Paul Remde - After I change one setting, it kicks me out of the menus.  I want it to take me back to the menu list I was on.  That is especially annoying when setting the unit up for the first time on a new Pocket PC.   I think this is one that will have proponents on both sides of the fence (go back to the map, or back to the menu).  I'll collect a list of votes both ways.  Ultimately it would be great if this was user selectable!

Chip Garner -  The argument for going back to the map is that it is best for use in flight. You go to a menu to change one item and you don't want to have to hit the OK button twice (once to exit the screen you're editing the parameter in, and once to exit the menus).  It may be a bit of a pain this way on the ground, when you setup GN for the first time, but how often do you do that?

Bob O'Neal - Back to Menu. Get tired of starting over at the top for each feature. I'm usually flying and looking for on task information in various places on the menu. Lot's of button pushing ....

Exit or Cancel Button on "Choose Task To Edit" Screen - Completed
Priority: 7
Difficulty: Easy

Tom Serkowski - The TASK EDIT screen should have a EXIT button in addition to the choice of which task to edit. On several occasions, I'd want to change the TP within an area and my mind says EDIT, so I press EDIT TASK instead of pressing SHOW TASK to get at the 'Move Pt' button. This forces me to go through several screens and the whole declaration thing before I can get back to what I was initially intending to do.

Paul Remde - I think he's refering to the "Choose Task to Edit" screen - where you select from Task A through J.  I agree that it would be nice, but I think it should be a "Cancel" button to go along with the existing "OK" button.

Differential Altitude in Simulator Mode - Completed
Priority: 10

Paul Remde - I’d like to be able to see differential altitude in simulator mode.  The differential altitude option is enabled, but the display always shows the “Alt. Required”.  This may already be working, but the label is unclear.

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