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GliderTools is a company in the Czech Republic run by Vladimir Fux which makes some very nice soaring accessories.

Vladimir Fux in a Vega sailplane

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GliderTools AD188 Condor to Oudie Serial Data and Power Cable
*** Note: Drivers for Windows 8 are not available

Cable for connecting a Naviter Oudie to a PC for use with Condor soaring flight simulator software. Using a standard USB to mini-USB cable does not work because a serial data connection is required, not a USB connection. The AD188 has a built-in USB to serial converter and talks the necessary low-voltage serial protocol. It works great. Condor sends NMEA GPS data (position and altitude) to the PDA - as if a real GPS was sending data while in flight. The PDA thinks it is flying where Condor is. The cable also powers the PNA with 5V.

Using a PDA or PNA and soaring flight software with Condor offers several advantages:

  • Most (perhaps all) soaring flight software products can do final glide calculations around multiple turnpoints. Condor's in-cockpit software PDA can't do that.
  • Learning to use a PNA and soaring flight software in flight is a bad idea. It is a major distraction and not safe. Using a PNA with Condor allows you to get proficient with your PNA and soaring flight software while safely on the ground.

The AD188 has a standard rectangular USB connector on the PC end and a standard mini-USB connector on the PNA end.

PNA Compatibility:

  • Naviter Oudie and Oudie2 and Oudie2 Lite
  • Wayteq
  • Vertica V1

PC System Compatibility:
The driver files work with the operating systems listed below.

It is very important that you download and install the drivers on your PC. The cable will not work without the proper drivers. Download the drivers using the link below. It is a zip file that contains a single executable file (program) that you run to install the drivers.
(for most versions of Windows)

http://flytec.com/software.html#usb (for Windows 8.1)


  • First you must install the drivers for the AD188 on your PC by running the executable file that is stored in a zip file and available at: http://store.glidertools.com/drivers/CondorCableDrivers.zip.
  • After you have installed the drivers, connect the AD188 cable to your PC's USB port.
  • Use the Windows Device Manager to figure out which comm port is used by the AD188. In the screen capture below it is listed as the "Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM 7)". The important information is that the cable is using comm port 7.
  • Enable NMEA output from Condor by going to Setup > Options (Tab) > NMEA Output section and checking the "Enable" checkbox.
  • In the same area in Condor, set the comm port to match the comm port found in the Windows Device Manager (COM 7 in this example).
  • In your soaring flight software on the PNA, set the baudrate to 4800 baud.
  • Set the comm port on the PNA to the port that is used by the mini-USB cable. On a Naviter Oudie that is comm 4. Note that this is a different device than your PC and it is likely (but not required) that it will use a different comm port number than the one used on your PC.

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