EW Avionics microRecorder FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do I access files on the microRecorder?

2. What file format is used?

3. How do I enter my Pilot information and change the settings of the microRecorder?

4. Can I make electronic flight declarations?

5. Can I upload declarations over a serial port?

6. What update rates are supported?

7. How much flight data can be stored on the microRecorder?

8. Can the microRecorder act as a Barograph?

9. Does the microRecorder need an external GPS input?

10. Does the microRecorder have a Pilot Event Button?

11. Does the EW microRecorder have an NMEA output?

12. Can I power my PDA from the MicroRecorder?

13. How does the microRecorder Stop/Start recording?

14. Will the microRecorder work if the glider supply fails?

15. How do I charge the internal battery?

16. What are the dimensions/weight of the microRecorder?

17. How can the microRecorder be mounted?

18. Does the microRecorder log engine noise?

19. Is the microRecorder available now?

20. Is the microRecorder ratified by the FAI.