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Davtron offers some very easy to read LCD units for use in aircraft.

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M800-14-Bat Clock/Timer (Chronometer)
Simple, easy to use and easy to use LCD display of time, with elapsed time counter.  Fits into a standard 57 mm (2 1/4 in) instrument hole.  The version I sell includes a backup battery so the clock does not lose time when disconnected from 12V power.  The display is not visible when not connected to 12V power, but at least you do not need to reset the clock every time you remove your glider battery.
  • Two button control system is natural and error free. Setting operations are identical for both alarm and time setting (US Patent 4,486,077).
  • Greenwich Mean Time in 24 hour format.
  • Local Time in 12 hour format
  • Elapsed Time counter, from one second to 99 hours, 59 minutes.
  • Elapsed Time countdown timer, from one second to one hour.
  • Elapsed Time visual alarm activated when countdown reaches zero.
  • Alarm flashes display and has external output for optional audio alarm.
  • Liquid Crystal Display has high contrast in bright sunlight. Display has a lighting system that provides uniform night illumination. The display has an ultraviolet filter to prevent sunlight damage. The LCD used in the M800 has high humidity protection and uses a fluid operable over a wide temperature range.
  • 4 MegaHertz crystal precision time reference.

The SEL button selects what is to be displayed on the four digit window and the CTL button controls what is
being displayed. Pressing select sequentially selects GMT, Local Time, Elapsed Time and back to GMT.
The control button starts and resets Elapsed Time when momentarily pushed. Normal operation of the M800
cannot accidentally reset time.

Setting GMT
Select GMT for display in the four digit window with the SEL button. Simultaneously press both the select and
control buttons to enter the set mode. The tens of hours digit will start flashing. The control button has full
control of the flashing digit and each button push increments the digit. Once the tens of hours is set the
select button selects the next digit to be set. After the last digit has been selected and set with the control
button, a final push of the select button exits the set mode. The lighted annunciator will resume its normal
flashing, indicating the GMT clock is running.

Setting LT
Select Local Time, LT, using the SEL button. Simultaneously push the SEL and CTL buttons to enter set
mode. The tens of hours digit will start flashing. The set operation is the same as for GMT, except that
minutes are already synchronized with the GMT clock and cannot be set in Local Time.

Test Mode
Hold the SEL button for three seconds and the display will indicate 88:88 and activate all four annunciators

Elapsed Time Count Up
Select Et for display. Pressing the CTL button will start ET counting. Elapsed Time counts up to 59 minutes,
59 seconds, and then switches to hours and minutes. It continues counting up to 99 hours and 59 minutes.
Pressing the CTL button again resets to zero.

Elapsed Time Count Down
Select ET for display and enter by pressing both buttons. The countdown timer can now be set. Entering
the time is identical to GMT time setting. When the time is entered and the last digit is no longer flashing
the clock is ready to start the countdown. Momentarily pressing the CTL button starts the countdown.
When the count reaches zero the display flashes and the external alarm is activated. Pressing either SEL
or CTL will deactivate the alarm. ET continues counting up until the CTL button is pressed.


  • Greenwich Mean Time: 24 hour format.
  • Local Time : 12 hour format
  • Elapsed Time Count Up: Starts in minutes, seconds then hours, minutes up to 99:59 hours.
  • Elapsed Time Alarm: Activates at zero when counting down.
  • Internal Lighting: 100 MA at 14 Volts, 50 MA at 28 Volts.
  • Keep Alive Current: .0003 Amps. 14V, .001 Amps. 28V.
  • Voltage: 14V
  • Crystal Reference: -40C to +60C .001%
  • Warranty: 1 year

Note: If your airframe is not listed on the Davtron PMA FAA Approval List for the unit you're installing, you need to complete a 337 form and file with your local FSDO.  Sample 337 Form

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