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3M - Gap-Seal Tape
- Dual Lock Fastening Systems
ACK Technologies, Inc. Altitude Encoders and ELTs
Advanced Aircraft Electronics, Inc. Communication, Navigation and Transponder Antennas
Airpath Compasses
AMP Electrical Connectors    
Anderson Power Products Powerpole Electrical Quick-Disconnect Connectors
Ardpol Scale Plastic Resin Glider Kits, 1:48 Scale
Artex Aircraft Supplies, Inc. ELTs, 121.5 & 406.028 MHz
ELT Antennas
AstroTech LC-2 panel mounted LCD clock and timer
Battery Packs - 5V 5V Lithium Ion Battery for PDAs, flight recorders, digital video recorders, etc.  
Becker Panel mounted aircraft radios and transponders, also speakers and microphones
Bioenno Power 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Batteries and Chargers
Birecki Pocket PC Software
 - EW to IGC
 - Flight Analysis
 - VL to IGC
Books Books

Hold Fast to Your DreamsSky Full of Heat

Bowlus Maxi-Tape Bowlus Maxi polyethylene gap seal tape - with UV protectant to improve life in sunlight.  
Bumper Quiet Vent
MK IV Yaw String
Butterfly Butterfly Vario
FLARM Displays
PowerFLARM Mounting Brackets
Cambridge Aero Instruments 302 - Speed-to-fly Vario with GPS Flight Recorder
302A - GPS Flight Recorder
303 - LCD Display
Hole Reducers
Cradles for Pocket PCs
Canopy Cap Reflective Canopy Covers  
Cinch Battery Connectors
CLAW Tie-Down Equipment - The CLAW - Aircraft Anchoring System

ClearNav flight computer
ClearNav Variometer
Comant Antennas
Condor Soaring Flight Simulator for PC
CPC Quick-Disconnect Tubing Couplings - for tubing in pilot relief systems  
Cumulus Soaring, Inc. Flex arms and mounting adapters for mounting PDAs and GPSs
T-Shirts and other items with the Cumulus Soaring, Inc. logo and a very nice image with 7 gliders.


Training CDs and DVDs and training over the phone
Czech Master Resin Scale Plastic Resin Glider Kits, 1:72 Scale
Davtron M800 Clock/Timer with backup battery
DeLorme inReach and inReach SE 2-way Satellite Communicators with GPS
DeLorme Logo
DIN Connectors Electrical Connectors  
Walter Dittel Aircraft Radios, Antennas, Battery Boxes, Microphones, Speakers
E-A-R Specialty Composites CONFOR Foam Energy Absorbing Seat Cushions with and without fabric covers

TE Probes, Triple Probes, Double Probes, Mounts, etc.

EW Avionics

microRecorder GPS flight recorder with built-in battery

Falcon Gauge Mechanical G-Meters (Accelerometers)
FLARM PowerFLARM Collision Warning Device
FlightCom Aviation Headsets and Push-to-Talk Adapters
Flightline Panel Mounted Aviation Radio
Flight Data Systems GT-50 - G-Meter, Clock, Timer, Voltmeter, Flight Timer
flyWithCE Pocket PC Software
 - Navigator & Downloader
Forbes Aviation Products Instrument Hole Reducers and Fillers
FTDI Chip FTDI Chip USB Serial Adapter - for connecting your soaring instrument or PDA to a PC that doesn't have an RS-232 serial port. FTDI Chip Logo
Gadringer-Gurte GmbH Seat belt systems
Garmin 12V GPS Receivers
Garrecht Volkslogger GPS Flight Recorder  
Glide Navigator II Glide Navigator II - Soaring Flight Software for Pocket PCs  
GlidePlan Soaring flight planning and map printing software
GliderTools AD188 - Condor to Oudie serial data and power cable  
Goddard Data cables and power converters for connecting any PDA to any GPS :: Goddard ::
GoJack GoJack Rampless Hangar Dolly
Hamlin Magnetic Reed Sensors
Heritage Aviation Models, Ltd. Scale Plastic Resin Glider Kits, 1:48 Scale
Holux CF Card GPS
HPH Models Finished (not kits) 1:25 Scale Models - Detailed to match your glider
ICOM Handheld Air Band Radios
ILEC Flight Computer & Vario
 - SN-10
 - SC-7, SB-9
Total Energy Probes and Mounts
Air Filters
Intercomp Wireless Digital Scale System
Jaxida Covers All-weather covers for aircraft
JJ Sinclair

- Pair of JJ Sinclair wing tie-down saddles and straps with hooks
- Wing Runner - compact wingtip wheel

JRC Flexible antenna for aircraft radios and ELTs  
K6 Team The K6 Bt BlueTooth Adapter allows soaring instruments to establish a wireless connection to BlueTooth enabled PDAs and PNDs (Personal Navigation Devices).  
Larsen Antenna Magnet Base Antennas and Base Station Antennas
LoPresti SpeedCoat

- Nano GPS flight recorder with built-in battery and GPS antenna
- S3 Audio Vario with averager, digital altimeter and Speed-to-Fly calculator
- S7 Speed-to-fly Variometer with g-meter and FLARM display

- V80 Speed-to-Fly Variometer with AHRS
- LX8000 Flight Computer
- LX8080 Flight Computer
- LX9000 Flight Computer

- FlarmView display

LX Navigation  - LX 16-D Variometer
 - LX 16DS repeater
Mid-Continent MD-90-1 Electric Analog Clock
Miscellaneous Connectors - BNC - Used with GPS and radio antennas  
Connectors - Headset Plugs and Jacks  
Power Supplies  
RJ Connector Adapters  
Rope & Rings & Fids  
Switches - Push-to-Talk

Suction Cup Mounts for GPS Antennas

Tubing Connectors

Water Meters - for measuring water volume for waterballast tanks

Wingtip Weight Bags - Weighted bags for use holding down the glider's wingtip while on the ground

Mountain High Pulse-Demand and Constant Flow Oxygen Systems
Mountain Switch Mechanical Lever Switches and Roller Lever Switches
MZ Supplies

Light weight polymer wing tip skids

Naviter SeeYou - Task Planning and Flight Review Software for PCs

SeeYou Mobile - Flight Software for Pocket PCs

Oudie PNA

NavPad Knee Board - Leg mounted PDA/GPS Mount  
Nimbus PDA Cradles - The best  
NOVUS Canopy Cleaner/Polish
Pawel Nowak Models Finished (not kits) 1:22 scale models  
Para-Phernalia Softie brand parachutes
Peiker Acustic Microphones and Speakers
Planet Models 1:32 and 1:48 Scale Resin Model Glider Kits
Plantronics Aviation Headsets
PowerFLARM PowerFLARM Collision Warning Device
Power-Sonic Batteries
Precision Aviation, Inc. Vertical Card Compasses
Profiline Scale Plastic Model Glider Kits, 1:72 Scale
RAM Cradles, Mounting Arms and Suction Cup Mounts for PDAs, GPSs and Flight Recorders
R.A. Miller Industries, Inc. (RAMI) Bent 1/4 wave aircraft radio antenna
Transponder Antennas
ReplayXD XD720 and XD1080 HD Video cameras - rugged, lightweight and very small ReplayXD
Revell 1:32 Scale Plastic Injection Molded Model Glider Kits
Scheffel Automation Themi - Thermal Maneuvering Indicator and GPS Flight Recorder  
Schweizer Tow Rings
SimplyKool Metallic Canopy Covers SimplyKool
Soaring Society of America Soaring Calendars
Softie (Para-Phernalia) Softie brand parachutes from Para-Phernalia
SPO Medical Check Mate - Blood Oxygen Saturation and Heart Rate Spot-Monitor
Sportcraft Antennas Communication and Transponder antennas for use in composite aircraft  
SPOT SPOT Gen 3 Satellite Messenger
StrePla StrePla - PC Software for Route Planning and 2D and 3D Flight Review

pocket*StrePla - Flight Software for Pocket PCs
Tasman V2000 Variometer with Audio and Averager
TB32 Echo Gear Warning Alarm
FP10 Flight Pack - Flight Data Module
Telex Aviation Headsets
Thommen Mechanical Aircraft Chronometers
TOST Double Tow Rings

TT21 and TT22 Mode S Transponders with built-in altitude encode and remote head

TY91 Panel-mount Aviation Radio

United Instruments Altimeters
Videos Soaring DVDs  
Winter Variometers, Airspeed Indicators, Altimeters, Capacity Flasks, Tubing & Tees
XCOM Avionics Panel Mounted Aircraft Radios, 2nd Seat Repeater, Microphones, Speakers
Xenotronix Battery Chargers
Zaon Flight Systems MRX and XRX Portable Collision Avoidance Systems

Cumulus Soaring, Inc.
Paul E. Remde

8661 Connelly Place
Savage, Minnesota 55378

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