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Cambridge 302A Flight Recorder

The 302A is a very nice and economically priced flight recorder.  It offers some of the key features found in the logger of the 302 - because it was created by taking the vario out of a 302.  It can hold 1500 waypoints and record up to 100 hours of flight data at 4 second intervals.  Another key feature is its ability to provide enough 5 V power output to run any Pocket PC - no other flight recorder (other than the 302) offers that feature. In combination with the optional 303 LCD Navigation Display it offers simple navigation, task editing and declaration, and much more.

Click on the images below to view larger versions.

with GPS Antenna
The antenna is often
mounted on top
with Velcro.
302A 302A 302A 302A 302A
with GPS Antenna
and Power Cable
Optional 303
LCD Navigation Display

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Repairs and Calibrations
I (Paul Remde of Cumulus Soaring, Inc.) can replace logger backup batteries, re-seal the electronic security seal, and calibrate the logger altimeters for all Cambridge GPS-NAV and 302 products. You can see details here: Services.

Garmin GPS Failures in Cambridge Products
Cambridge soaring instruments (and most other brands) used Garmin GPS engines which seem to have a bug such that they are failing. The issue has occurred to a very high percentage of Cambridge products. If yours hasn't failed, it probably will. The great news is that Gary Kammerer (formerly of Cambridge and ClearNav) can repair or replace the built-in Garmin GPS - making the instrument fully functional again. If your Cambridge flight recorder won't record a flight log, or records flights with a date from several years ago, your logger probably needs repair. Please see the PDF file below for details on the services Gary offers.

Cambridge Repair Services by Gary Kammerer


  • GPS Receiver with Remote antenna
  • Flight Recorder - IGC approved (100 hours @ 4 second intervals)
  • 1500 waypoints - Same waypoint file format used by GPS-NAV, 302, 303 and Glide Navigator II
  • Provides 5 VDC output for powering any Pocket PC - It is the only flight recorder that offers this nice feature.
  • Single cable connection to any Pocket PC (no need for a power converter)
  • Compatible with the 303 LCD Navigation Display with simple navigation, task editing and task declarations
  • LED Status Monitor
    • Steady On - Power on, but not a good satellite lock
    • Blinking - Power on and a good satellite lock
  • Single push-button
    • Pilot event recording
    • ON/OFF switch if wired for switched power
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 6" (64 mm x 64 mm x 153 mm)
  • Fits a small 2.25" (57 mm) instrument hole
  • Transfer flight logs using a Pocket PC or PC
  • Works great with Glide Navigator II, SeeYou Mobile, pocket*StrePla, flyWithCE Navigator, and most other soaring software
  • Low Cost: $895 including remote antenna

IGC Approval
The 302A has been approved by the IGC for all types of flights (badges, records, etc.).

Need to Know Items
I am very up-front about the limitations of the products I sell.  I want to be sure that you feel I have helped you select the best system for your needs.  This section points out some items that may not be obvious when comparing products.

  • Slightly large for a logger.  It is bigger than a GPS-NAV, Colibri or Volkslogger, but it is small and light enough to be portable.
  • Will not send destination elevation data to an L-NAV or transfer L-NAV airspeed and vario data from the L-NAV up to a Pocket PC as the GPS-NAV does.
  • The 303 LCD Navigation display can not be used to display final glide information or wind information.  The GPS-NAV was able to provide wind data on the LCD display, this product can't.
302A Dimensions
Size: 64mm x 64mm x 153mm (2.5" x 2.5" x 6")
Weight:         12.3 oz (349 g)
Supply Voltage: 12-14 VDC
Current:         110 mA
With a 303 connected -- 130ma
With a Pocket PC and 303 connected 230ma to 450+ ma. 350 typical

Suction Cup Mounts for use with the 302A

  • Suction Cup Mount for GPS Antenna

    This optional suction cup mount can be used to mount the 302A's GPS antenna to the glider canopy.  Velcro (not included) or double-sided tape (not included) would be used to attach the antenna to the mounting plate.
  • RAM-B-SCMK-RAP-B-201-RAM-B-237

    This optional suction cup assembly can be used to mount the 302A to the glider canopy.  It is a bit bulky, but it has been tested and it worked fine for an entire soaring contest.

Cambridge Aero Instruments 302A with 303 Navigation Display
Low Cost IGC Approved System for Badge and Record Seekers
This system is great in regard to simplicity and ease of use.  It avoids the complexity of having a Pocket PC in the cockpit.  It is great for syndicates because data for multiple pilots can be stored and edited using the 303.  The 302A is a GPS/logger and the 303 is used for navigation, task editing and declarations.  It does not display final glide information or wind information.  The integral GPS and logger are IGC Approved for all types of soaring accomplishments.  The 302A has more memory for flight logs and waypoints than any other logger.  It will hold up to 100 hours of flight log positions @ 4 second intervals.

Example System with 302A
302A 303 LCD
Navigation Display
  • Cambridge Aero Instruments 302A, IGC approved flight recorder with GPS antenna - $945
  • 303 LCD Navigation Display with simple navigation, task editing and task declaration (no wind data or final glide data) - $410

Total Price: $1355

Cambridge Aero Instruments 302A System
Low Cost IGC Approved System for Badge and Record Seekers
This is a nice system.  Some other loggers don't provide 5V power to the iPAQ as the 302A can so the system price for the other systems substantially higher when you include a 12V to 5V converter.

Example System with 302A
or or or
302A Goddard

Naviter Oudie
SeeYou Mobile
Oudie Cradle
Oudie Cradle Modification
(included in box with Oudie)
GNeck2-Assy-Panel or GNeck2-Assy-Side
gooseneck system,
or a RAP-B-Arm-Std-PlBase RAM arm,
or a RAM-B-SCMK-RAP-B-201-RAP-B-238
RAM suction cup mount

Total Price of all the components: $1770

The 302A  comes complete with the following accessories:
(I'm not certain yet about the included accessories)

  • HA 435 GPS Antenna
  • HA 349, Serial Data Cable
  • 2 x CAA 116, Power Cable with connector
  • Accessory Kit with:
    • TL 001 Screwdriver
    • 6 wire ties
  • MA 013, 302A User's Guide Manual
  • MA 014, Software CD

Options (select when placing order):

  • Glide Navigator II Soaring Software for Pocket PC, $149
  • CAF 303, 303 LCD Navigation Display, $395
  • CAA 117, NIMH Reserve Battery, $95
  • CAA 119, 80 mm Adapter Kit, Allows the installation of the 302 in an 80 mm Panel cut-out, $22

Manuals for all Cambridge Aero Instruments products are available on the Cambridge Aero Instruments web page at: http://www.cambridge-aero.com/manuals.htm

300 Utility
The 300 Utility is used to download flight logs, upload waypoints and adjust 302 and 302A setup parameters.  It is available in versions for the PC and Pocket PC.  Firmware update software is also available here.  The files are available near the bottom of the page.

Data Files
Cambridge Aero Instruments 302, 303, CFR and GPS-NAV products all use the same waypoint data file format. Glide Navigator II also uses the same files.  Waypoint data files are available from John Leibacher's Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange.

Pocket PC Cables & Mounts
Cumulus Soaring, Inc.offers :: Goddard :: soaring data cables and power supplies for connecting your Pocket PC to your GPS or flight logger.  We have a cable for every combination of soaring tools.  Looking for a secure way to mount your Pocket PC in your sailplane?  See the Mount Comparison page for details on the advantages and disadvantages of the mount options available from Cumulus Soaring, Inc..

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