Cambridge GPS-NAV Demo

Screen Map
         o o
  / .ooooo o... \
 |   o     o     |
ooo  o     o     oooooo.
. .  o           .
     o            \
     o             o
     o              \
X = Current Screen
o = Demo Screens
O = Main Nav. Screen
. = Not-Implemented

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Last Modified:
November 11, 1997
Created by:
Paul E. Remde
Please press ON to start.

Note: This demo is intended to show basic navigation through the main screens of the GPS-NAV. It does not allow editing of the displayed values.

Please also remember that the performance of this demo is limited by your computer, your internet connection, and the browser you are using. Actual GPS-NAV units switch between screens much more quickly than this demo does.