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The Vintage Glider Club - a celebration of 40 years preserving and flying historic gliders 1973 - 2013

Hard Cover, 384 pages and over 800 color photographs, Copyright 2013
Book Dimensions: 9.65 x 11.89 x 0.98 inches (245 x 302 x 25 mm)
, Weight: 4 lb, 10 oz.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Vintage Glider Club it was decided to produce a book. The book is an anthology of stories from around the world and includes details of over 300 hundred gliders which have been rescued, rebuilt or restored to active flying status. It deserves a place on every glider enthusiast's bookshelf.

Richly illustrated with over 800 evocative color photographs, it will appeal to all glider pilots, aeromodellers, historians and anyone who has a passion or interest in oldtimer gliders of yesteryear.

Additionally it contains many articles and tables which document the development of the Vintage Glider Club. It is a wonderful testament to the enthusiasm of it's founder, Chris Wills, and those many members worldwide, past and present, who have painstakingly striven to preserve our gliding heritage for the future.

You can learn more about the Vintage Glider Club here: www.vintagegliderclub.org.

Review by Paul Remde
This is a lovely book! It is very large and every page is full color. It is tough to explain clearly just how professional, colorful, vivid and handsome this book is. Well done! What a wonderful collection of stories about particular gliders and their owners. Also included are many facts about the VGC and the people that are and have been the driving forces behind the VGC. Anyone interested in vintage sailplanes will love this book - I know I do. I look forward to reading every page.

An Introduction by the President - Neck Newton

This book is a wonderful celebration of the first forty years of the Vintage Glider Club, and at the same time takes the form of a memorable tribute in honour of Chris Wills, our founding President, whose inspiration started our club back in 1973.

The book is the original idea of Jan Forster, the current chairman of our club, who has worked relentlessly to bring it to fruition, and we owe him a great debt of gratitude for the hard work that he has put into the project. We also acknowledge the efforts of so many of our VGC members who have compiled the fascinating stories of their gliders together with the stunning photographs which you will find in the following pages.

This Book is not a technical manual about old gliders - instead it is a real testament to the enthusiasm, skill and dedication shown by VGC members in preserving our gliding heritage. It is also about the friendship, enjoyment and passion for vintage gliding that has bound together so many of us from around the world into an international gliding fraternity.

We hope that this book will help inspire future generations of gliding enthusiasts to continue with these aspirations for many years to come - Nick Newton - President of the Vintage Glider Club



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