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Private Pilot Glider Checkride ...Made Easy!
A User-Friendly Guide To Your FAA Private Pilot Glider Oral & Flight Test
Author:  Bob Wander
From Bob Wander's "Gliding ...Made Easy" series
Paperback, many illustrations and black and white photos, 84 pages, 9th Edition, Copyright 2005
Dimensions: 8.31 x 11.0 inches (211 x 280 mm)
Table of Contents
About the Author

Self-study guide to the Private Pilot Glider Oral and Flight Test.
Hundreds of questions, answers, explanations for the oral test. Hundreds of "do's and don'ts" for the FAA flight test. Appendix includes complete checklist to guide preparation for the checkride.

Don't even think of taking your checkride without using this book to prepare!

In the 1980s the Federal Aviation Administration adopted a new standard for all oral and flight tests leading to pilot certification. This new standard was named the Practical Test Standard and was designed to accomplish the following objectives:
1) To provide guidance for Examiners with regard to the content of a fair and thorough Practical Test, and
2) To provide all applicants and all Examiners with a set of completion standards for the Practical Test.
These are laudable goals, and the FAA is to be congratulated for pursuing them.

The FAA-published version of the Glider Pilot Practical Test Standards lists topic areas and completion standards. However, in accordance with long-established FAA examination policies, the FAA-published version of the Standards does NOT provide practice exams or answers to study questions. In fact it does not provide any study questions or answers at all. Instead the FAA simply chose to provide lists of appropriate ground study areas and in-flight maneuvers. The FAA's approach to the Practical Test Standards identifies target knowledge areas but does very little to help you discover what it is about each knowledge area that you must know. As a result, many applicants feel they are "in the dark" as they try to prepare for the Practical Test. This means that lots of time is wasted. And that's regrettable, because wiser use of that time would result in a stronger performance on the Practical Test.

Private Pilot Glider Checkride Made Easy helps you prepare for your Practical Test by providing you with hundreds of sample questions and answers, tips, and suggestions on how to prepare for your checkride. It also provides you with dozens of useful tips on how to conduct yourself and how to handle sticky situations which may develop during the checkride. In short, Private Pilot Glider Checkride Made Easy guides your review as you prepare for the checkride. It also teaches you what to do, and what not to do, during the checkride.

Private Pilot Glider Checkride Made Easy contains all important features of the FAA-published version of the Practical Test Standards. The new information I provide for you makes it much easier for you to prepare for the Practical Test and to demonstrate your knowledge and your airmanship to the Examiner on the Big Day.

I hope that this book helps you make your dream of motorless flight come true.
Safe soaring,
Bob Wander

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