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Practical Wave Flying
Author:  Mark Palmer
From Bob Wander's "Gliding Mentor" series
Paperback, 80 pages, black and white photographs and illustrations
Dimensions: 8.43 x 10.87 inches (214 x 276 mm), Copyright 2003, 2004, 3rd Edition
Table of Contents
About the Authors

Teaches the techniques and equipment needed to make mountain wave flights safely.

Wave forecasting, pre-flight preparation, personal equipment, oxygen systems, medical factors and hazards of altitude and cold, emergency planning, aerotow hazards and techniques, notching after tow release, maximum performance wave climbs, orientation and navigation, normal and emergency descents, cross country techniques in wave conditions, and approaches and landings are all covered in this book.

Author's Notes
Practical Wave Flying is mainly based on my experiences at Black Forest Gliderport in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I spent many exciting and fun years there. As an instructor at Black Forest in the late 70's and early 80's, it became apparent that there was no single source of information that a pilot could turn to concerning mountain wave. It turned out that there was plenty of information out there; most pilots, however, just didn't know where to go to find it. The purpose of Practical Wave Flying is to draw together information from various sources into one place.
The original edition of Practical Wave Flying was published in 1983. While it was well received, it had two shortcomings: The lack of information on forecasting wave and the minimal mention of cross country in wave. This Third Edition covers both topics.

The biggest thanks of all go to my wife, Alice, for being my dedicated proofreader and critic.

Mark Palmer
Greenwood Village, Colorado, September 2002

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