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Glider BFR And Spring Checkout ...Made Easy!
A Self-Study Guide To Help You Get the Most Out Of Your Next Flight Review Or Spring Checkout
Author:  Bob Wander
From Bob Wander's "Gliding ...Made Easy" series
Paperback, 52 pages
Dimensions: 8.31 x 11.0 inches (211 x 280 mm)
Table of Contents
About the Author

Contains complete review of FAR 61.56 and all of FAR Part 91 applicable to glider operations.

Self-assessment inventory guides the BFR applicant in assessing pilot skills and identifying areas that need attention during the flight review.

Helps the flight review candidate to become a better pilot as the result of the flight review process - which after all is what flight reviews are all about!

Recurrent training for pilots is not a new idea. For example, airline pilots perform proficiency checks every six months to upgrade their skills and to polish emergency procedures. Military pilots perform similar reviews conducted under the authority of the branch of the service for which they fly. The airlines and the military require these reviews for their pilots for good reason. They have learned, over the decades, that recurrent training is one of the best accident prevention avenues open to them. It is a comprehensive, cost-effective method of assuring that pilots maintain essential skills at an acceptable standard of readiness.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires all pilots of civil aircraft to participate in a flight review program of one type or another. FAR Part 121 Scheduled airline pilots and FAR Part 135 Air Taxi operators must demonstrate proficiency in normal and emergency procedures every six months. Pilots who fly under the authority of Part 91 (such as glider pilots) must comply with the flight review requirements described in Part 61.56 of the FARs. Glider BFR and Spring Checkout Made Easy aims at helping you to get the most out of the time and money you invest in your biennial flight review. It is also designed to help you achieve maximum benefit from the type of annual, or spring, checkout that most gliding operations in the United States require of their pilots.

Glider BFR and Spring Checkout Made Easy provides, in one cover, the material you need to prepare for your flight review or checkout. In it you will find hundreds of tips and suggestions. It takes you on a guided tour of your flying skills and aviation knowledge. Then, it helps you prepare a list of things that you would like to accomplish in the course of your next flight review or spring checkout. With list in hand, call your favorite glider flight instructor and make an appointment for a flight review or checkout. You will find that you are looking forward to the review because you know that it will help you to become a better pilot. You will form a partnership with your instructor as you accomplish the review. When the review is completed, you will have done everything within reason to become the safest and most accomplished pilot you can be. And the benefits of your enhanced knowledge and skills will be with you on every subsequent flight that you make as pilot in command of a glider.

Glider BFR And Spring Checkout Made Easy makes flight reviews worthwhile and cost-effective. When you use this book to prepare for your review you can be confident that you are taking the ‘high road' to increased fun and enhanced safety in soaring.

I hope this book helps you increase your enjoyment of soaring.
Safe Soaring,
Bob Wander

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