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Badge Soaring: The Silver Badge ...Made Easy!
A User-Friendly Guide to Earning Your FAI Silver Badge
Author:  Bob Wander
From Bob Wander's "Gliding ...Made Easy" series
Paperback, many illustrations and black and white photos, 68 pages
Dimensions: 8.31 x 11.0 inches (211 x 280 mm)
Table of Contents #1
Table of Contents #2
About the Author

Complete preparation for earning the Silver Badge. Describes all FAI requirements for Silver Distance, Silver Duration, and Silver Gain Of Height. Includes barograph procedures, charts, navigation, documentation. Unique checklist makes record keeping a snap. Nothing else like it in print.

The Silver Badge is one of soaring's oldest, and finest, motivational tools. It's a great idea - you do the right thing, become a better pilot for it, and receive recognition from your peers, all in one program. You even get the jewel pins, free of charge! All you have to do is be a member of the SSA, and follow the program.
When I first tackled the Silver Badge, I asked my instructor to explain the FAI Sporting Code procedures to me. His face turned ashen. He looked down at his shoes. Then he said "I...can't. I can't explain the FAI Sporting Code because I don't understand it. Fact is, nobody does. It's beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. There was a Swiss FAI Master, long ago, who lived in a cave, near Zurich...He could explain it, but he's....he's dead these many years. He was the last FAI Master. The last one!" His shoulders trembled, then he wept. A tear rolled down his cheek.

A badge as worthwhile as the Silver Badge should be easily accessed by all soaring pilots. Badge Soaring: The Silver Badge . . . Made Easy! makes the Silver Badge more accessible than ever before. It tells you the purpose and the intent of each Silver Badge requirement. You'll study and understand the requirements for:
The five-hour Duration flight
The 1,000 meter Gain Of Height flight
The 50 kilometer Distance flight
The FAI Official Observer and the SSA Awards Coordinator
Barographs and barograms
GNSS Flight Recorders
Weather assessment and flight planning
Off field landings
Submitting the documentation for your Silver Badge
There is even a checklist for each leg of the Silver Badge: Altitude, Distance, and Duration. Each checklist has check boxes for you to use, to check off each item as you prepare for, and fly, your Badge legs.

Badge Soaring: The Silver Badge . . . Made Easy! makes it easy to comply with the FAI Sporting Code. Your Silver Badge flight claims will sail through the certification process and your Silver Badge will be awarded to you without hassle or fuss.

Safe soaring (and May The Force Be With You!),
Bob Wander

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