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Rhön Adler (Rhön Eagle)
Three Generations Alexander Schleicher Segelflugzeugbau
Author: Peter F. Selinger
Hardcover, English Language, Many excellent color and black and white photos, 3rd edition, 340 pages, Copyright 2015
Dimensions: 8.31 x 11.0 inches (211 x 280 mm)

The history of the glider manufacturer Alexander Schleicher is lively and varied. The author Peter F. Selinger has documented the company history for many years. We are pleased to announce the 3rd edition of the Schleicher book "Rhön Adler". Not only have the recent development of the past 13 years has been documented in the new edition, the previous contents have also been supplemented and completed. The number of pages has increased significantly from the original 280 to 340 pages. In addition to the author Hans Jürgen Schmacht has contributed a large amount to new edition. He arranged the text and images of Peter F. Selinger into an appealing layout. Karl L. Nickel, Jan Scott and Jürgen Melzer translated the contents of this third edition and thereby contributed very greatly to the realization of this project. Many photos and detailed drawings take the reader on a journey through time of the now 90 year history of the sailplane manufacturer Alexander Schleicher as well as the development of sailplanes in general.

Review by Simine and Jim Short - From the Fall 2015 edition of "Bungee Cord - The Voice of the Vintage Sailplane Association"
"Peter Selinger's Rhön Adler brings an up-to-date history of Alexander Schleicher Segelflugzeugbau, located at the base of the Wasserkuppe in Germany's Rhön, know as the "mountain of glider pilots".

This 3rd edition, significantly expanded from 280 to 376 pages, provides a thorough overview of the past 88 years, from a simple open glider made of wood and fabric by Alexander Schleicher to the aerodynamic, ergonomic and structurally sophisticated high-tech sports aircraft using the latest fiber composite plastic construction of 2015. Discussing Schleicher's pre-war gliders, the "OBS" and "Seeadler", Selinger highlights their part in the overall development. The company's reputation is based on its engineers, Rudolf Kaiser, Gerhard Waibel, Martin Heide and Michael Greiner, but also on its aerodynamicists Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Horstmann, Armin Quast and Prof. Luke Boermans. The author also discusses key personnel and scientific partners, as well as some of the easily forgotten craftsmen like Willi Gilges and Ludwig Krönung.

Each chapter brings detailed information including photos, three views, graphs and technical drawings, but also explanations of flight behavior. A glider is more than technology; it is the result of human creativity, performance and attention. Selinger acknowledges the many pilots who have flown Schleicher gliders to world fame, including Heinz Huth, Hans-Werner Grosse, Karl Striedieck, Terry Delore and Steve Fossett. Previously unpublished information includes world record flights by Helmut Sorg with a Ka-7 in South Africa, Ernst Klüh with an ASK-14 in Central Europe and Tom Serkowski with an ASH-26E in the US. The author also discusses the work of Dick Butler and his Schleicher sailplanes.

The English edition is expanded over the 3rd German version and includes chapters on the ASG-29, ASH-31Mi, and ASG-32.

Peter Selinger would like to acknowledge the assistance of Prof. Dr. Karl Nichel, Jan Scott and Dr. Jürgen Melzer in doing the translation. Hans Jürgen Schmacht did the layout and pre-press work for both the English and German editions.

The profusely illustrated book is a worthy addition to any glider pilot's library, not only for the many owners of Schleicher gliders and motorgliders, but for anyone interested in the history and development of the sport of soaring."

Review by Paul Remde
I am a Mechanical Engineer and glider pilot so I have always thoroughly enjoyed watching or reading documentaries on the development of airplanes and the history of airplane manufacturers.  As a glider pilot with many hours of enjoyable flight time in Schleicher gliders I find this book extremely interesting!  It includes histories of all their sailplanes and sailplane designers. I am extremely flattered that several of my soaring photographs of Richard Butler's Concordia have been included in the book!

Author: Peter F. Selinger

Dick Butler in his Concordia - Uvalde Texas 2012
Link to the full-resolution version of the image on flickr
Richard Butler's Concodia
Photo by Paul Remde


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