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The Platypus Papers
Fifty years of powerless pilotage

Author:  Michael Bird
Hard Cover, 160 pages, many black and white illustrations and a few photographs
Dimensions: 8.46 x 12.13 x 0.75 inches (215 x 308 x 19 mm), Copyright 2000
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This is a collection of columns from the British magazine "Sailplane & Gliding." I had the very distinct pleasure of spending some time with the author of this book recently as he prepared to address a group of U.S. glider pilots at the national convention, where Mr. Bird (Platypus) was honored with the Joseph C. Lincoln award for this collection. Naturally I bought a copy of the book and it has hardly been out of my hands since then. Platypus' writings are insightful, opinionated, and hilarious. His brand of humor contains more than a kernel of truth. I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in soaring, gliding, aviation, or a good laugh, or for anyone who appreciates a keen-eyed observer of (one's own) human nature.
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