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Sailplane Design Example
- Design Calculation Example, Structural Dimensioning, Technical Specifications, Design Rules
Language: English
Author:  Vittorio Pajno
Published: 2016
Paperback, 315 pages, many black & white images, many drawings, diagrams, sailplane "transparent views", tables, and equations

Dimensions: 6.7 x 9.4 x 0.6 inches (170 x 240 x 15 mm)

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Please see the images at right to view the book's Table of Contents, Foreword, Introduction, and Conclusion. Together with the other page scans, they give a good overview of the content of the book.

Anyone interested in designing a sailplane will find this book invaluable. It is a great companion book to "Sailplane Design" by the same author.

About the Author
Vittorio Pajno is a Dr. Ing. graduated at the Institute of Technology of Torino, Italy. He was associated as a student in teh "Centro di Volo a Vela del Politecnico di Torino" with Prof. Piero Morelli and has published several books about light airplanes and glider design in the Italilan language. The books Sailplane Design and Light Airplane and Glider Static and Dynamic Stability have been published in English.

Among several aeronautical activities, he has organized the Motorless Flight Symposium in Varese and the Sport Aviation Symposium at the Politecnico of Milano. he is the designer of the V 1/2 Rondine, shown on the cover of this book.

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