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New Soaring Pilot - Used
Authors: Ann and Lorne Welch and Frank Irving
This book is no longer in print.  At right are links to used copies.
Hard Cover, about 412 pages
Dimensions: 6.0 x 9.0 x 0.63 inches (140 x 221 x 31 mm), Copyright: (1st Edition) 1968, (2nd Ed.) 1970 and (3rd Ed.) 1977

Inside Front Cover
Table of Contents 1
Table of Contents 2
Inside Back Cover

The name seems to imply that it was written for new glider pilots (just learning to fly), but it is actually a more advanced book for pilots that have moved beyond the initial training stage and are now interested in more technical subjects such as cross-country soaring.  It was an expanded edition of a previous book called "The Soaring Pilot" which was copyrighted in 1955, 1957 and 1960.  Therefore the word "New" indicates that it is a very revised edition and the word "Soaring" hints that it is about cross-country soaring rather than learning to fly a glider.  It is a very complete and technical book about soaring.  The cover notes and table of contents give a good indication of the topics covered.  I don't recall any other soaring books that cover "Parachutes and other Survival Matters" or the exact specifications for a Braunschweig total energy probe.  Also covered are glider design considerations - interesting even if you are not designing a glider.
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