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Meteorology and Flight, A Pilot's Guide to Weather
Author:  Tom Bradbury
Paperback, First published in 1989, Third Edition in 2000, reprinted in 2004, 186 pages including the glossary, appendices and index.
Dimensions: 7.4 x 9.7 x 0.75 inches (189 x 245 x 19 mm)

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Air in Motion, The development of depressions and anticyclones, Fronts, Stability in the atmosphere, Convection and cumulus clouds, The organization of cumulus, Cumulonimbus, Waves, Some theoretical aspects of wave flow, Wave and cumulus, Flying in waves, Local winds, Airflow over ridges and mountains, Visibility, Weather maps and forecasts, Satellites, Gliding Weather, Glossary of Meteorological terms, Abbreviations used in Met. documentation, Maps of observing stations, Weather codes and symbols, METAR and TAF reports, Further reading, Index

Includes a chapter on Gliding Weather

Tom Bradbury served in the British Meteorology Office for over 40 years on many RAF airfields overseas.  He acted as Met. forecaster at gliding and microlight contests, and has accompanied the British Gliding Team to Finland, France and Germany.


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