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Soaring Beyond the Basics
Author:  Dale Masters
Paperback, many black & white photos and illustrations
3rd Edition: Copyright 2010, 219 pages
Dimensions: 5.3 x 8.3 x 0.71 inches (135 x 210 x 18 mm)

New in the 3rd Edition
Below is a list of the changes in the 3rd edition.  If you already have the 2nd edition, there is no need to upgrade to the 3rd edition. 

  • Minor editorial corrections
  • Minor name change to one of the chapters
  • Back cover changed

New in the 2nd edition (also included in the 3rd edition)

  • The main change for the second edition is the addition of 2 sections in the appendix under the heading: "Common Errors".  The first section is entitled "Errors of Commission".  The second section is entitled: "Errors of Omission (failure to...)".  I already liked this book because it has many insights that I had not come across before, but these 2 new sections alone are well worth the price of the book.  They are fantastic!
  • Additional material in many chapters
  • More illustrations
  • Existing illustrations improved

In Soaring Beyond the Basics Dale Masters celebrates the sky, discussing multitudes of topics simply for the joy of it.  Learn hard lessons the easy way, with cautions and inspiration distilled from 11,000 hours soaring in the backseat. The books is filled with varied information that other instructors don't get to.

About the Author

I took my only sailplane ride in the autumn of 1974.  That first climb in a thermal was so convincing, my second flight was a first lesson, and every flight since then has been one lesson after another.

After sixteen seasons soaring out of Stowe, Vermont, a quest for the finest year-round soaring in America drew me west and south.  About 12,000 hours have accumulated, most of that while instructing in the high desert and big mountains of California. 

So much to learn!  So few seasons!

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