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Gliding: From Passenger to Pilot
Author:  Steven Longland
Book, Paperback, 184 pages,
154 black and white, 8 color photo pages, Published in June of 2001
Dimensions: 7.44 x 9.69 x 0.43 inches (189 x 246 x 11 mm)

Gliding is for everyone who has ever dreamt of escaping to thousands of feet above the ground, with a view stretching to the horizon, and barely a whisper to disturb the moment. Written by an experienced instructor, this book guides you through how to realize that dream, and goes on to explore the many opportunities this compelling and beautiful sport offers.

About the Author (from back cover)
Steven Longland has been instructing since 1974 and has flown over 4,500 hours in gliders, both in the UK and abroad.  A regional examiner for the British Gliding Association, he holds a Gold Certificate badge with the coveted three diamonds, and has flown over 70,000 km cross-country, including both competition and mountain flying, with the latter being a particular favorite.

Topics covered include:

  • A history of the sport
  • An introduction to gliding clubs
  • Getting started and what to expect
  • An insight into how gliders fly and detailed instruction on how to fly them
  • Launching
  • The cockpit
  • Safety
  • Weather forecasts
  • Ideas for cross-country and competitive flying
  • Tips for owning a glider
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