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A Guide to Self-Launching Sailplane Operation
Author:  Eric Greenwell
Published: 2014, 4th Edition
62 pages

A "must read" for anyone that owns or is thinking about owning a self-launching sailplane.

Review by Pete Williams from the ASA Mar-Apr 04 Newsletter
"Eric Greenwell has extensively revised and expanded his previous edition (written in 2000), with much more material and pictures. This new edition covers more types of powered sailplanes than before, emphasizing common methods and concerns, rather than things specific to only one model. In addition to Eric's experience, this guide reflects the experience of it's 12 reviewers from the USA and Europe. It is the most complete guide available today."

More information on Self-Launching Sailplanes is available at the Auxiliary-Powered Sailplane Association web site.

A Guide to Self-Launching Sailplane Operation


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