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Fundamentals of Sailplane Design
"Grundlagen für den Entwurf von Segelflugzeugen"
Language: English
Author:  Fred Thomas
Translated by Judah Milgram
Published: 1989, English Translation: 1993
Hard Cover, 274 pages

Many drawings and graphs and photos, includes 3-view line drawings of many glider types

Dimensions: 9.4 x 10.7 x 0.9 inches (238 x 273 x 24 mm)

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The definitive text on sailplane design by Fred Thomas, Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the Technical University of Braunschweig (Germany). Covers the basics of sailplane design, including aerodynamics and flight mechanics, operational and regulatory requirements, aerodynamic design optimization, wind tunnel and flight test procedures, and historical outlook. Appendix with extensive collection of detailed design data and 3-view drawings for over 150 sailplanes, including both vintage gliders and modern sailplanes.


  • Basic Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics: Fluid dynamics and the sailplane - Airfoil and wing theory - Performance and handling qualities - Aeroelasticity
  • Design Requirements: Certification requirements - JAR-22 - Cross country theory - Thermal models and climb performance
  • Sailplane Design Optimization: Basic considerations - Wing design - Variable geometry - Flying wings - The World Class
  • Fuselage and wing-fuselage transition - Empennage and controls
  • Determination of Performance and Handling Characteristics: Theoretical methods - Experimental methods
  • Trends in Sailplane Development: Sailplane class definitions - Early glider designs - Sailplane development to date - Outlook
  • Appendices: Tabulated design data and three-view drawings - "Zacher" flight test protocol - German-English glossary of technical terms

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