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Competing in Gliders - Winning With Your Mind
2nd Edition
Authors:  Leo and Ricky Brigliadori
Translated from Italian to English by Angela Elinor Sheard MA
Paperback, 120+ fantastic full color photos (50+ double page spreads). 79 tables and/or color graphs, 383 pages, Copyright 2009
Dimensions: 6.42 x 9.25 x 0.83 inches (163 x 235 x 21 mm)


Forward by Alvaro de Orleans-Borbon
A book for everyone!
Two international champions, father and son, transmitting not only the extraordinary wealth of experience they have gained in decades of gliding contests all over the world, but, by making the person central to the discourse, offering us much more than the title of this book might suggest.

As an instructional manual for winning gliding competitions, it is a veritable gold mine for passionate followers of this sport, but the enthralling narrative style, rich in anecdote, will fascinate all those who love flight.

But it is, above all, the analysis of the human qualities universally necessary to winning, such as curiosity, tenacity, self-knowledge, which makes this book of great general interest: the authors, in revealing the secrets of competing in gliders, succeed in conveying, however elegantly disguised, their reflections on confronting quite different battles in life.

As you can see by viewing the table of contents, this is an extremely complete and well done book.  An excellent investment.  This is more than a book about flying - the mind techniques described apply to any sphere of life, covering self-motivation, team work and how to overcome failures and disappointments to come back fighting the following day. A must for all gliding enthusiasts, whether as a manual for flying safely to success, inspiration for the future competition pilot or simply a wonderful read about interesting places, people and adventures.

This book has been extremely popular.  In my opinion, it ranks in the top 5 soaring books and has much in common with (but goes beyond) the great "Cross-Country Soaring" book by Helmut Reichmann

Great Photos
In addition to the excellent text, this book contains more than 100 very nice soaring photos - reproduced in high quality.  I think it is worth the price just for the photos.

2nd Edition

Why a second edition?
by Leo and Ricky, February, 2009

This handbook of sport gliding was born in 2004.  Since then, several significant things have changed on the international competition scene.  We thus took advantage of the two foreign language editions, in German and the most recently 2nd Italian edition, to bring in the updated, improvements and inclusions that have become necessary. 

So the need arose to make sure that the English speaking glider pilots were not denied access to these significant updates.  We set about revisiting the various topics, including and most especially the part regarding psychological aspects and the training in making winning decisions.  We have tried to explore new frontiers of the competition pilot's brain and mind and feel confident that we have finally completed the necessary in-depth study of the subject. 

We have taken the opportunity to replace the lower-quality photographs and have added some new and highly-spectacular ones to make reading this book more enjoyable since it could, otherwise, be considered quite hard work!  In addition, as authors, we wanted the book to reflect what we consider to be the real essence of gliding: to give the excitement of conquest, freedom and contemplation that perhaps no other sport is able to give.

The new 2nd edition became available in 2009.  A lot has been updated and improved in this edition.  Many errors and typos were corrected and new photos added.  There are new chapters and updates to many existing sections.  Below is a list of the new sections.

New Sections

  • Part 1: Technique
    • Chapter 6: Flying as an individual or as a team?
      • Strengths and weaknesses of pair flying
      • What's important for generating and maintaining flow in the pair?
      • The alignment of performance in pair flying
    • Chapter 8: New forms of competition
      • The Grand Prix
      • The match race
  • Part 4: Human Factors
    • Chapter 5: The mental and decision making process
      • The opportunities
      • Is rationality always enough?
      • Intuition and state of flow
      • Beyond state of flow?
    • Chapter 6: The training process
      • Strategies and objectives
      • Excellence
      • Learning
      • How to train pilots safely

Examples of new photos are the three from Chile (Aconcagua at 7500 m, Diana and Ande chain with cloud street); then there are 12 other new nice photos including those from the last 30 WGC (World Gliding Cup) in Rieti, Italy.

Should owners of the 1st Edition buy the 2nd edition?
Those that enjoyed the first edition will definitely appreciate the updates (throughout the book), new sections (see list above) and new photos.  You may want to buy the 2nd edition and donate your 1st edition copy to some young glider pilot or someone just diving into cross-country soaring and/or racing.

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