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Dancing with the Wind
Author:  Jean-Marie Clément
Paperback, 304 pages, full color, 211 images and color drawings, Copyright 2015
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.0 x 0.91 inches (216 x 280 x 23 mm)
Weight: 1.45 kg (3.2 lbs)

A detailed, must-have "Manual of sailplane slope and wave soaring techniques. Everything you need to know about how to fly in the wind, happy and safe."

Table of Contents

Foreword by Alvaro de Orleans-Borbón
Imagine that you are walking through a large, dark and well known room – and that you do so with ease because you are familiar with its invisible contents.

Or that you are flying through the atmosphere, whose transparent air hides its invisible movements – again doing so with ease in normal, familiar conditions.

But now imagine yourself running through a dark room full of energetic, moving equipment, looking for treasures to catch on the run: after a few steps, hopefully before you hurt yourself, you realize you need a map and a lamp, to avoid the dangers and navigate towards the treasures.

This book reveals to you the invisible treasures of the atmosphere, explains its promises and its dangers and teaches you how to enjoy them.

Even if you never left your armchair, you will wonder at the hidden beauties and incredible energies of our sky and you will learn how to read its state and ride its magic carpets.

But, as the author tirelessly warns you at every new chapter of this marvellous book, do not enter this environment without thoroughly understanding it, or you may be severely punished –flying thousand miles without an engine, at Everest’s altitudes over unlandable deserts, is now possible but cannot be improvised – you need to fully comprehend the aerial phenomena, the flying equipment and, above all, yourself, your physiology and your psychology.

My personal flying experience barely allows me to fully appreciate how deeply, how passionately the author is sharing his wide, hard earned knowledge about flying gliders in extreme environments: Jean-Marie provides us with a “beautiful map and a strong lamp” to safely explore one of the last hidden jewels of our fantastic planet – for this gift not only the gliding community but every curious, nature loving person will be forever indebted to him. - Alvaro de Orleans-Borbón

About the Author
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Review by Maurice Weaver from Gliding International, July/Aug, 2015
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"Before you read a single word of Dancing with the Wind, you can only be impressed by its quality. The photography is exceptional and the charts, graphs and diagrams used to explain theory and practice are of the highest standard."

Review by Phil King from Sailplane & Gliding, Aug/Sept, 2015
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"Opening this book is like discovering a buried hoard of precious jewels."

Review by Paul Remde
This book impresses everyone who picks it up and flips through it. The images and diagrams are excellent. I look forward to reading it and am certain to learn a lot in the process. I'll update this page when I have finished drinking it in and digesting the many insights.

Table of Contents
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Gliding International Review
by Maurice Weaver

Sailplane & Gliding Review
by Phil King

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