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Gliding: Theory of Flight - The British Gliding Association Manual
Author:  Steven Longland

This book is no longer available here (due to slow sales). It is still in print and in use by the British Gliding Association.  At right are links to new and used copies.

Book, Paperback, over 400 black and white illustrations, 313 pages, First Published in 2002, 2nd Edition published in 2007
Dimensions: 7.44 x 8.98 x 0.79 inches (189 x 228 x 20 mm)

The official manual of the world famous British Gliding Association. This book is recommended reading for all glider pilots and instructors.

This second edition combines must-have scientific material and over 400 illustrations to take the reader through the key theories of flight.  Providing an authoritative and updated resource, this book includes:

  • Basic Aerodynamics
  • Instrumentation
  • Cross-Country Flying
  • Stalling and Spinning

Highly illustrated and beautifully designed, this book explains how and why gliders work, making this complex topic comprehensible.

The British Gliding Association is the national governing body for gliding in the UK.  Under delegation from the Civil Aviation Authority, it is responsible for the standards of instruction and tuition of pilots at over 100 gliding clubs and schools.

Review by Paul Remde
This is an excellent book!  The illustrations and explanations are fantastic.  It is a great first book for new glider pilots.

Review by CFIG (Certified Flight Instructor - Glider) Stephen Nesser - Chief Flight Instructor of the Minnesota Soaring Club

The British Gliding Association Manual: Gliding Theory of Flight, is remarkable for the depth of its explanations, the breadth of subjects covered, and its clarity. There are hundreds of illustrations which deepen the lessons, and would be especially helpful to visual learners.

As a glider flight instructor I strongly recommend this book to all gliding students. Mastery of the material in this book would go far to prepare any candidate (including transitional pilots) for their written and oral flight exams.

Seasoned pilots will find new information that will deepen their understanding of safe piloting (such as the cross coupling of gyroscopic forces in spins) and increase their technique for longer flights.

Glider owners will find useful information on structure and design that will aid in maintenance and inspection.

Overall, it will serve as an excellent reference book for any glider pilotís library, and would be on my list of essential books for gliding pilots.
Stephen Nesser, CFI-G

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