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Test Prep - Certified Flight Instructor - 2010
Author:  Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.)
Publisher: ASA (Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc.)
Effective June 2009
Paperback, 472 pages
Dimensions: 8.3 x 10.8 x 0.79 inches (212 x 275 x 20 mm)

The Certified Flight Instructor questions are arranged by subject into chapters, supported with Answers, Explanations (for correct and incorrect answers) and References. Codes for Airplane, Rotorcraft, Glider, Powered Parachute, and Weight-Shift Control identify which questions apply to the specific test you are preparing for. Helpful test instructions, tips, cross-references, and more included. Includes Flight (CFI), Ground (BGI, AGI), and Sport Instructor: Airplane, Helicopter, Glider, Powered Parachute, Weight-Shift Control, Add-On Ratings, and Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI) tests. 472 pages.

ASA is the leading resource for FAA Knowledge Exam preparation and continues to produce the best books available to prepare students for all the exams. The Test Prep Series features:

  • FAA Computer Testing Supplement is bundled with every test book so you will become accustomed to referring to the FAA Figures and Legends as you will during the test. This is the same book you will be issued at the testing center.
  • The FAA tests are on a one-year cycle, with changes made up to 3 times a year. We make sure you have the most current information by publishing the books in July of each year, posting updates on the ASA website that show changes made to the test questions, and providing a free e-mail Subscription Service for automatic notification when updates are available.
  • ASA's Test Preps contain the FAA questions and answer stems plus answers, explanations (for both correct and incorrect answers), references, and FAA Learning Statement Codes (LSC). Chapter text and illustrations help you more fully understand the concepts.
  • The questions are arranged into chapters based on subject matter to promote better understanding, aid recall, and thus provide a more efficient study guide.
  • ASA test books include all the questions: airplane, rotorcraft, glider, lighter-than-air, powered parachute, and weight-shift control categories are all included, and the questions are identified as to which test they apply.
  • Click on the Detail tab for a list of questions that apply to the specific test you're preparing for.

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