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10,000 Feet & Climbing
The Aviation Adventures of Richard E.Schreder

by Karen Schreder Barbera
Advanced Soaring Made Easy - New 4th Edition
by Bernard Eckey
Aerotowing Gliders - New
by John Marriott
Airplane Flying Handbook- New - FREE Download
by the F.A.A.
The Art and Technique of Soaring - Used
by Richard A. Wolters
The Art of Thermaling ...Made Easy!
by Bob Wander
Asiago 1924 - International Gliding Competition in Italy - New
by Vincenzo Pedrielli
Aviation Instructor's Handbook - New Edition
by the FAA
Aviation Weather
by FAA and NOAA
Aviator's Devotional
by Terry Thompson
Badge Soaring: The ABC Badges ...Made Easy!
by Bob Wander
Badge Soaring: The Bronze Badge ...Made Easy!
by Bob Wander
Badge Soaring: The Silver Badge ...Made Easy!
by Bob Wander
Beyond Gliding Distance - New
by Flavio Formosa
Born to Fly
A First Hand Account of Aviation Adventures

by William (Bill) Schweizer
Breaking The Apron Strings
Soaring Cross Country

by Phil Petmecky
Chasing the Wind:
The Autobiography of Steve Fossett
Commercial Pilot Glider Checkride ...Made Easy!
by Bob Wander
Commercial Pilot
Practical Test Standards for Glider - Free

Competing in Gliders
Winning With Your Mind - New 2nd Edition
by Leo & Ricky Brigliadori
Cross-Country Manual - For Glider Pilots
by Dean Carswell
Cross-Country Soaring
A Handbook for Performance
and Competition Soaring
by Helmut Reichmann
Cross Country Soaring With Condor - New
by Frank Paynter
Dancing with the Wind - New
by Jean-Marie Clément
Danger and Poetry - New
by Joe Karam
Desperate to Fly - New
by Kai Gertsen
End of the Line
Glider Pilot's Aerotow Manual

by Murray Shain
Everybody's First Gliding Book!
by Bob Wander
Federal Aviation Regulations
Aeronautical Information Manual
Flight Instructor Glider Checkride ...Made Easy!
by Bob Wander
Flight Instructor
Practical Test Standards for Glider - Free

Flight Training Manual
For Gliders

by Russell Holtz
Flying Faster and Further - Part 1
Extending The Basics of Cross Country Soaring
by Maurie Bradney
Flying Faster and Further - Part 2
Becoming Competitive in Gliding
by Maurie Bradney
Free as a Bird - Used
by Philip Wills
Fundamentals of Sailplane Design
by Fred Thomas
The Glider (L'Aliante) - Free
by Stelio Frati
Glider BFR And Spring Checkout ...Made Easy!
by Bob Wander
Glider Flying Handbook - New Edition
Glider Pilot's Handbook
of Aeronautical Knowledge

by Russell Holtz
Glider Polars and Speed-To-Fly ...Made Easy!
by Bob Wander
Gliding: From Passenger to Pilot
by Steve Longland
Gliding: Theory of Flight
The British Gliding Association Manual
by Steven Longland
Goodhart: The Story of an Exceptional Man - New Sky Full of Heat
Gossamer Odyssey:
The Triumph of Human-Powered Flight

by Morton Grosser
A Guide to Self-Launching Sailplane Operation - Free
by Eric Greenwell
The Handbook of Glider Aerobatics
by Peter Mallinson and Mike Woolard
Hold Fast to Your Dreams - New
by George Lee
Hold Fast to Your Dreams
Introduction to Cross-Country Soaring - Free
by Kai Gertsen
Italian Vintage Sailplanes - New
by Vincenzo Pedrielli
Hans Jacobs - Pioneer Life in Aircraft Construction - New
by Peter Ocker
The Joy of Soaring - A Training Manual
by Carle Conway
Landing Out - The Final Four Minutes
by Don Ingraham & Bob Wander
The Leading Edge
An Adventure Story

by Dick Georgeson
and Anna Wilson
Learning to Fly Gliders
A Flight Training Handbook and Syllabus

by Bob Wander
Light Airplane and Glider Static and Dynamic Stability - New
by Vittorio Pajno
The Otto Lilienthal Medal - Hana Zejdová
by Vladislav Zejda
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
First Lady of the Air
by Kathleen C. Winters
Locomotive to Aeromotive
Octave Chanute and the Transportation Revolution - New
by Simine Short
Log Book, Pilot, Hard Cover
Log Book, Glider Pilot, Paperback
Log Book, Sailplane, Paperback
LS-Segelflugzeuge - Von der LS1 zur LS11 - New
by Wolfgang Binz
Master of the Wave - Terry Delore
by Rod Dew
Meteorology and Flight
A Pilot's Guide to Weather

by Tom Bradbury
New Soaring Pilot - Used
by Ann and Lorne Welch and Frank Irving
Die Geschicte der Horten-Flugzeuge 1933-1960
(The History of the Horten Airplanes 1933-1960)
by Reimar Horton
Off-Airport Landings - Free
by Kai Gertsen
On the Wings of an Albatross: Hawley Bowlus and his BA-100 Baby Albatross - New
by Jeff Byard
Once Upon a Thermal - Used
by Richard A. Wolters
Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge - New Edition
Federal Aviation Administration
The Platypus Papers
Fifty years of powerless pilotage

by Michael Bird
Power Pilot's Guide to Soaring - New
by Murray Shane
Practical Wave Flying
by Mark Palmer
Private Pilot Glider Checkride ...Made Easy!
by Bob Wander
Private Pilot
Practical Test Standards for Glider - Free

Real Men Land Out
200 Hour in a 1-26

by Dan Bryan
Rhön Adler
Three Generations Alexander Schleicher Segelflugzeugbau
- New
by Peter F. Selinger
Riding On Air: Ridge, Wave, & Convergence Lift - New
Safer Soaring ...Made Easy!
by Bob Wander
Sailplane Aerobatics
by Les Horvath
Sailplane Design - New
by Vittorio Pajno
Sailplane Design Example - New
by Vittorio Pajno
Sailplane Directory, 1997
Soaring Society of America
Sailplanes 1920 - 1945 (Vol. 1)
by Martin Simons
Sailplanes 1945 - 1965 (Vol. 2)
by Martin Simons
Sailplanes 1965 - 2000 (Vol. 3)
by Martin Simons
Sailplanes Kids Coloring Booklet - SSA - Free
by Stephen Nesser
See ya' at the airport!
The Colorful Stories of a Soaring

Contest Vagabond a.k.a. "The Gate"

New 2nd Edition
by Charlie Spratt
Self-Launch! - Retractable Engine Sailplanes
by Peter A. Williams
Silent Wings
The Saga of the U.S. Army and Marine
Combat Glider Pilots During World War II - Used
by Gerard M. Devlin
Silent Wings At War
Combat Gliders in World War II

by John L. Lowden
Sky Full of Heat - New
by Sebastian Kawa
by John Joss
Soaring and Gliding:
The Sleeping Bear Dunes

National Lakeshore Area
by Jeffery P. Sandman and Peter R. Sandman


Soaring Beyond the Clouds
Einar Enevoldson Reaches for 100,000 Feet - New

by Bertha M. Ryan
Soaring Cross Country - Used
by Ed Byars & Bill Holbrook
Soaring Flight Manual - Used
Soaring Society of America
Soaring For Diamonds - Used
by Joseph Colville Lincoln
Soaring In America
Soaring Society of America
Soaring Through the 20th Century
by Paul Schweizer
Soaring With the Schweizers
The Fifty-Year History of
Their Aviation Adventures

by William (Bill) Schweizer
The SRA Guide to Soaring Competition - Free
Sailplane Racing Association
Stick and Rudder - An Explanation of the Art of Flying
by Wolfgang Langewiesche
The Story of Gliding- Used
by Ann & Lorne Welch
by Rolf Hertenstein
Towpilot Manual
by Burt Compton
Transition To Single Seat Gliders ...Made Easy!
by Bob Wander
Understanding Flying Weather
by Derek Piggott
Understanding the Sky
by Dennis Pagen
The Vintage Glider Club -
A celebration of 40 years preserving
and flying historic gliders
- New
The World's
Vintage Sailplanes
by Martin Simons
WA - The Life of Soaring Legend Wally Scott - New
by Samantha Hilbert Thomas
Wings Like Eagles
A History of Soaring and the SSA
by Paul Schweizer
Winning on the Wind - Used
by George B. Moffat Jr.
Winning II
by George B. Moffat Jr.
Workshop Practice - New
by Hans Jacobs

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